Monday, April 4, 2011

Organization turn-offs... and tips

Doesn't that just turn you off?  Now... I l-o-v-e to read, but when there's a 3-page-long article on how to organize and clean, I tend to not read them.  ;)   Just a confession.  So it is a rare occasion when I find good advise on that subject.  I have thought about that, and have come to a conclusion -
"I will not write an article on organizing!"
I will simply show pictures of examples, and tell in small sentences and captions what has worked for me. Instead, I will show-
Organizing Ideas, not articles.
I have a very organized brain, so everything has to be in a category, and so will this.  I am also a very, very visual learner, and associate with pictures, so I figured a long stretch of words would lose it's meaning unless a non-verbal is drafted in to make a point. 
And now, before I start writing an article, I'll go on to what I said I would do-

For those things you want to keep, but don't
need immediately on hand.  Big bins on storage
shelves in an out of the way place.
What to store in these:
Old collectibles; Out-of-season clothes;
Christmas decor... etc.

If you are like me, you have books
lining your shelves, stacked on your
desk, and in bins under your bed.
Use these little cuties to separate the
Ideas for categorizing books:
Read vs not read; Owned vs. Library
or borrowed; Topics [literature, fiction,
science, jokes, historic... etc.]

The closet-
Dare I touch on this topic?
I find that the more niches, racks, shelves,
boxes, and hangers, the more organized.
A spot for...
Shoes, dresses, jeans, scarves, formals,
purses, tights/leggings, boots... etc.

The shoe drawers.  You can fit more shoes
on these, because they are double deep.
Slide em' out and have your pick.

Sticky notes are great, but so easy to over-
look!  Use another simple strategy-
String a ribbon in the corner of your room.
Clip the papers and notes you need to take
care of on the ribbon with everyday clothes-
pins... with days of the week painted on.
Every day, check the right clothes pin
contents and do what you need to do.  If
there is anything left, you will see it the next
day for sure!

Chances are, you've seen something
like this before... in the grocery store.
The long strip of plastic with hooks
allowing you to display without taking
up too much room.  So easy and simple!
What to hang:
Hats; jewelry...etc.

Who wants to put everything away
right when they get home? Each member
of the family has the right to keep two
pairs of shoes by the door, and each
has a "drop box".  Where they put their
keys, wallet, cell-phone etc, when they
just come in the door. Once a week,
these get cleaned out.

Papers, papers, papers.  Where else do you put
them besides that stack right inside your bed-
room door?  No problem!
What to file:
Test-results from school, resources
for teaching, kid's papers, brochers, info... 

Do the curtain.  Hide the shelves all together!
It can look fantastic if you use the right fabric.

I find that jewelry boxes don't work.
I close the lid, and something happens.
The necklaces intertwine, the earrings
come undone, and the bracelets bunch
around them all... maybe its just me. :)
These hanging pockets work great! And
you can see everything at once!

More jewelry.  Make it stylish, and know
where your other earring match is at the
same time.  Very handy and decorative.

Having your dishes out may not be a
bad idea.  Colorful plates, mugs, and
bowls can be decorative, fun, and
handy to just be able to grab.  I like
when plates and saucers are "stacked
sideways", with those little racks,
demonstrated in this picture, the
middle-right cupboard.

More bright organization tips to come.
Keep watching for it!

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