Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Our homeschooling resources

You may know that I am homeschooled, and you also may know that I like it a lot. 
And since there are a million stereotypes out there about us such as...
  • They are just normal people (um....)
  • They don't know how to act around anyone (not true)
  • They are incredibly smart (just knowing me would set you strait on that)
  • Our parents are incredibly smart (I wont get myself in trouble answering that one ;)
  • Anything else you may think. (yes, anything, just comment below, and I'll tell ya - within reason ;)
I know many people who have been homeschooled, who are homeschooled, or are planning to homeschool, so I just thought I would let you know what all I use at home here.  Or, if we want to be precise, at the park, in the back yard, after work, or in my bed at night.
  • Writing/Language: Language lessons for the high school student by Queen Co. (and Greek next year by I know not what as of yet)
  • Spelling/Vocabulary: Words of the week by Queen Co. and The Dictionary
  • Literature: Anything we can get our hands on!  We love, love, love old books! and Youth Bible Institute. (what we are reading right now is a 200 something year old book on the life of Anne Judson.)
  • History/Geography: Mystery of History by Linda Lacour Hobar and Youth Bible Institute
  • Health:  I've worked in a health food and supplement store for two years, I get my dose :)
  • Phsycology: (I'm usually the one studied for that class :)
  • Biology/Physiology: Westfeild studios videos and Ultimate Human Body by Dorling Kindersley
  • Chemistry: Westfield studios
  • Math: Algebra by Saxon (probably Consumers Math by Power Basic Programs next year, although I'm basically done with math if I wanted to be... which I don't)
  • Art/Creativity: If anything, one would need to tell me to stop being so artsy and creative.
  • Phys Ed: Anaerobic, walking, strength training(sometimes :), general fitness, and I used to run.
  • Home Ech.: Cooking meals for the family; sewing classes, crocheting, cleaning, organizing, etc.
  • Music: Church choir 
  • Everything else and in addition to those above: ... are worked out in everyday life... half the things I've learned I haven't learned "in school".  I consider the whole world my school, not just books and tests, although they can be very beneficial, and you just might know how much I love to read!
  • I know I'm missing something... I cant think of it now.
  • "Socialization"/Fellowship: Volunteer teaching in the schools children of all elementary grades; Youth Bible Institute with other teens through my church; work (yes, actually going to work, and interacting with people as a basic job description); traveling and teaching during the summer; e-mailing and conversing with friends, Christian or non-Christian at youth group or open events; summer and winter camps; sewing class; work conferences; meetings; homeschool conferences; choir; and I'm forgetting somethings, I think.

You know, I feel kinda silly. 
On this blog, I tend to write very fast in order to somehow jot down all my thoughts and facts before forgetting them in my usual manner.  After I have done this, there are usually a few misspelled things, as you can imagine. (Like forgetting the "t" in student, or mixing up the "i" and "o" in choir) 
I run spell check, feel stupid about spelling 2nd grade words wrong, and all is well; the post published.
Well, this time, my computer was being slow, (many global catastrophes just might be able to be traced back to a slow computer :) and spell check showed me 100% in spelling.  Wow!  I'm really getting better! Not. 
So, if you happened to read this post and noticed that "the" was spelled "hte", or if I wrote "dictionary" twice, or if I forgot the "s" in phsycology, don't attribute it to all homeschoolers.  Thanks!
- Valary-Mac  <><


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