Monday, April 4, 2011

Sketching horses

I heart horses.  I don't own any, have hardly ridden any, and would be fine if I never did, although I have really enjoyed it.  But I love horses because they are so beautiful.  Their simplicity and complexity all in one.  I just thought I'd share a bit of my doodlings on these amazing creatures.  I recieved a horse drawing lessons book when I was very young, and after madly going through the pages, drawing and sketching, I seemed to have lost it - 5 years ago. Well, I had found it again, and was ready to restart.
These are just photos of the drawings, so they are by no means highest quality.

My "first" horse, Princess.
4-5 years later-

Just some simple sketches

Sketching with pencil, then rounding it out with pen.

Hind quarters. (mine is in the upper right box)

Finally, my favorite little Shetland Pony. Stocky and cute. 
You can probably detect my love for shadow, depth,
and shading.

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