Thursday, April 28, 2011

Trendy 2011 {all about Thrift}

I'm loving 2011 fashion-wise because pretty much anything is in style now. No kidding.  Not saying that kids don't ever get teased because of clothing, or that nothing new is out, but there will always be little trends.
When a trend comes out that I actually like, which is about half the time, I refuse to pay big bucks for it.  I buy it used and cheep at thrift stores, or simply make my own.  I'm going to be showing you the trends here, and then at the bottom - or in the next post - I'll give you invaluable little hints and instructions for getting or making them cheap.  Watch for it!

Wide Belts are in Fashion now.  These add a tailored effect to any outfit with a bit of edge.  Usually made out of elastic with a shiny plastic front. I have found its great to match your belt and purse, and perhaps shoes, and go with a neutral top and skirt  Goes perfect with those age-old classic like a...

Zipper closure

Buckle front

Woven with Velcro in back
 ...pencil skirts.  That's right, reminiscent of Mary Taylor Moore and all those good ol' days, they are back.  These are said to go well with any body type and figure, but I find that the people who say that are either skinny or trying to sell them. I still don't really know, but make sure that your pencil skirt is long enough to be modest (I would say knee length or just a tad above) and not too tight!  While your stylin' with this wonderfully classy piece, you may just feel like adding some...

More casually classy
with denim and shiny
brass buttons

More dressy with a
smooth front and a
chic grey tweed

... flower embellishments.  If you didn't notice all the ruffles and flowers going around, you may have been hiding in a dark hole.  I absolutely adore all these feminine come-backs in style.  It is just really refreshing.  (don't get me wrong, I would still opt for sweat pants and high-top converse any day).
They come in clips, laces, headbands, hair-bands, skirts and anything else manageable.  Very much related to the...

Clip on leather flowers for any outfit

Frumpy lace flowers
adorn the dress

Flowers on strings of pearls and other
jewelry, including giant roses on rings
 ...Ruffles and tiers trend.  On shirts and skirts and headbands and belts and... and... shall I go on?  This is also really big right now.   So it may not surprise you that the long summer flowing dresses are back...

I especially like this because
the undefined lines of the tiers
even out curves and gives a
straighter look without loosing
any feminine grace

Tiers of ruffles.

Huge headbands are in.  I'm still not
sure about these, although they sure
look adorable when someone is able
to pull it off with their head and hair.

... the maxi dress.  This usually includes most dresses with a long skirt part flowing from the bosom piece, which is usually (unfortunately) low cut.  They are not so hard to make modest though, as you see in the pictures below.  But if you would like another layer, grab a...

As you can see, maxi dresses come in
a wide variety of bright, tropical
patterns.  Usually a light fabric for a
cool and functional summer dress.

A bit more modest with
a higher tank top under-

... Summer fashion sweater.  Actually, I don't think these funny little things have an official name.  That's just what I call them.  As a rule, these "sweaters" have a flowy, flamboyant front, and when made with short sleeves, a lacy, gathered back.  A great accent that really makes the outfit, and can even out curves if desired.  Another trend we will be seeing more of that is bent on the smoothed out look is the...

Tiers again. :')

Long sleeves and a more casual
approach for either dress pants or
sweat pants

This is new to me. 
Looks almost like a
scarf from the front. 
Cute and summery. shirt.  Sounds wierd, doesn't it?  Pretty much just a button up shirt with not much flare or fitting at all.  Popular in the 20s and 60s for women, I think its coming back.  It just may be related to the...

wear with leggings or
somewhat-skinny jeans

I think its a bit too much to pare this with a pair of
baggy, roll-up capris.  You do have to be careful
not to look to sloppy and shabby when dealing
too-big or untailored things.  And please, wear
pants with that, for goodness sake!

...the shirt-dress.  Very cute, but tend to be rather short.  I recommend a longer shirt dress (if you make your own, this is easy) or to wear a pencil skirt or leggings underneath.  Very cute.  A playful romp that brings back the days when little girls wore dresses and frilly socks with shiny black Mary Jane shoes.  These dresses can be worn picnicking or to church on Sunday.  But in that case you need...

All spring!

More casual but still adorable.
This definitely needs capris and/or

...gladiator sandals on your feet.  What a nasty name for these modern footwears.  Some run-way projects have taken the gladiator shoes a bit too far, but I think these can be great for a dressy look.  And while we are going with the retro and natural lets take a look at...

Usually comfortable, and nice with
an earthy skirt

Often adorned with
decorative "stones" in retro
colors or natural

... The next post.  Yes, I'm leaving you in suspense 'til next time.

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