Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A world of good

I have always made it my mission and goal for my blogs to promote good living, to encourage others, and to show my love for Jesus in all.  I can do a world of good on this computer.  The Internet can be an agent of the devil, as it can also be an agent for light.
Yesterday, I was just thinking about that a bit more in depth, because, if you know me, that's just what I do.
"If I had my own computer (and it wouldn't have to be fancy... eBay?) and more allotted computer time, I could do even more good in this way."

Our living room globe. 
(Picture taken and edited by my talented sister)
You would not believe how many articles, Biblical essays, and other encouragements I have so wanted to put on whoseakid, and no doubt would have cheered some weary soul, but just didn't have the time and resources.
I believe, so far, I have over 200 posts in the 2 years, or so, that I've had this blog.  There was the potential for twice that much.
But today, just now, I looked around me. 

Picture this:
I'm sitting on the couch with the family laptop, feet resting leisurely on the wooden coffee table we have had since I was a young child; familiar; comfortable.  My mom is in the office on the family computer, the office - the one room we haven't found the perfect window valance for yet.  My dad has his old business laptop, sitting right across from me. The windows are open, and we are ready to go help out at AWANAs.  A children's ministry.
Then my mind goes back to when we had one computer.  It was old.  Over 10 years old, I believe, and was slower than a snail traveling on sandpaper.  It was so ill-favored, and bulky... and ugly, that it was kept in a corner in the unfinished basement.  There it served its purpose as well as it could, and we didn't complain.
Would it be possible to do my "world of good"?

Another scenario:
Recently, I mailed a letter to my sponsored child in India - Kavya.*  $40 a month is set aside for her out of my band account, and I send her two gifts during the year - Christmas and birthday, along with a little extra something every once in a while.
It sounds like the least I could do.  A middle-class American, for a 15 year-old girl and her family in India. And I know for a fact that it means a whole world of good to them. But what if I didn't have a job?  My baby-sitting "career" is too sporadic for one to count on a monthly income... and not even efficient for a steady monthly gift.
What if I didn't have a job?
Where would be my "world of good" then?

But now, think of this:
When I was very young, I wanted desperately to go to other countries on mission trips.  I would see the teams sent out from our church, and those who would praise the teens going, saying things like,  "I can just see the Spirit moving in his life!", and "Have you ever known someone so young have such a fire for God?", and... you get the picture.  I would look up at those junior highers and see them professing their faith and passion for Christ.  I had that too!  I was just too young to be a junior leader in AWANAs, or go to Africa to hand out Bibles, or serve hot lunches to the homeless.  But I was more than willing!  What did I have to show for it?  When these teens were revered by their elders, and I was pat on the head and told I had a very pretty baby doll, and my pink ruffly socks were just too cute, and did I eat my green beans like mommy told me to?
Was I too young to make this "world of good"?

And again:
I work with a children's ministry called CEF [Child Evangelism Fellowship].  This is a ministry that teaches Christian young people to Evangelize correctly to children.  But we get put to work, too.  After an intensive, two-week training camp in June, we are sent out to homes, schools, playgrounds, backyards, and community centers to run 5-day-clubs.  We do have adult supervision, (everything is legal, of coarse) but us teens run the thing.  From beginning to end, and we do it professionally.
I have been involved in CEF for going on 4 years now.  And it is changing kid's lives for the good, along with the world they live in, and their families, also.
But, 4 years ago, I had no idea that this teens missionary camp existed.  I was involved in sharing my faith, but was extremely timid.  How could a 13 year-old girl who could hardly say "hi" to anything unknown boldly go forth and share her faith all summer long?  It was the camp, and Jesus' hand through it, that put me in the ministry.
But what if that one person hadn't told us about that camp opportunity?  We would have no idea, I don't think.  That one person changed my life for the good.
Now... how can I change another life for "a world of good"?

Does it take money, possessions, knowledge?  I don't think so.   Are those things in God's sovereign power to use for His glory?  Absolutely!
I can look back in my life and see God using things I could so easily of missed, using things that I never thought I had, and bringing me, through his grace, to where I am, and where I will be, and who I will be, because I'm not done growing yet!
But what don't I have, that I can use to further God's kingdom?
What if I still didn't have a computer?  Or never had more than a coin to put in the offering plate at church?  Or had never known about CEF?  Or what if I had been born with a bright mind, but a crippled body?  What if, like I continually felt when I was "too young", I had a mind to serve God, but my body wouldn't let me?  What if I had no control over my body, and everything I wanted to do was never conveyed. (Sometimes I feel like that anyway). You have seen them, the kids and adults in special wheel chairs who never seem to get past the age of five.  Half the time, their mind is sharper than a tack.  I'm sure that they would be able to debate in the court house if their mouths would just move when their brains told it to, and win the Olympics track if their legs moved when the nerves sent correct messages to their muscles.
Would I still be able to serve God in that situation? Would I be able to make that world of good I've always strove to choose?  I'm doing so little already.  I can't really make a whole world of good, can I?
You answer for yourself, but I say YES.
God has a wonderful plan for each and every one of His children... you can take it or leave it, but I say YES!

*Kavya is sponsored by me through Compassion International. (click to go to site)

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