Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Guys, girls, and what I think.

Hang on, because I'm going into the taboo realm of guys, girls, and friendship.  Being an... cough cough ... "adolescent", it seems this is a tough subject to actually talk about among fellow Christians and teens -- female or otherwise.  So, I'm taking a step - perhaps off a cliff - and, by johny, I'm talking about it!
Is there such a thing as actual "friendship" between guys and girls anymore once you hit age ten and go through 20?  I think its rare - but not extinct.  For my sista's and bros in da LORD, I have an intense love.  You Christian guys - I think a lot of you. Even with your faults. ;)  Don't freak out, you can still ignore me if you want.  :)  But I love you nothing more than brothers who ought to be edified in Christ's love.  I love you guys, and I love you, my sisters.  Pals, huh?!
But in this day and age, when one cannot watch a kid's movie without seeing youth kissing, or talk to anyone for any extended period of time without finding out whom they think is "cute" or "sexy", what is friendship?  How can one cultivate a godly friendship the way God intended what we are bombarded with these missiles from every side... even in the church!  I say this to the church's shame that we (although not all of us) would encourage premature "love" - whatever that means anymore.  Its far too casual.  God calls us to a deeper love.  Between guys and girls? Within the Christian family - yes.   We were meant for a more meaningful relationship.  We are the sons and daughters of God, redeemed by His Son's very blood!  To tell you the truth, I'm not attracted to guys in the sense that I am swayed by great looks and smooth actions.  I can tell if a guy is "good lookin'" or not, but it doesn't temp me, thank God, because it has in the past.  It sometimes frustrates me that I cannot often have a cordial, casual friendship with one of my Christian brothers without them, or me, getting the wrong idea.  What is the line our culture draws between love and "love". 
I just want to tell you guys, I value your opinion.  Yes, we are different - contrary to many messages we get from the world just outside, and sometimes inside our home.  And too often in the church.  God made us different for a reason.  And I think that if we work together as the LORD intended, we can accomplish great things for Him!
I find it very sad when small children are encouraged to find a boyfriend/girlfriend.  No wonder 32% of mothers birth children with no father, or an illegitimate father.  Its just sad.  We are called to minister to them, but how can we if we are setting up our own youth for the same? 
"Sure, just encourage them to go out, date, and join in the practices of the world, but make sure that once a week in church they hear about a righteous lifestyle. Then they will be fine and grow into mature, complete adults."  Is this what is happening?! We need real relationships the way God planned them to be. 
That's why I value my Christian brothers so much, I think.
Perhaps its because my brother left when I was about eight.  He was 5 years older than I, and the best brother one could ask for.  He was my idol.  He was infallible.  He was amazing and everything he did was cool.  But aside from that, he involved himself in the wrong crowd, started drugs, stole what he wanted, and moved out. Now he is 21. Needless to say, I still love him like crazy, though he never came back.  God taught me then that brothers are valuable. More valuable than I could even imagine now.  And struggling with respecting him for who he is, now a convict, I have realized something...
...We were meant for a greater love!

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