Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Laid to rest?

"Don't worry, its done; don't let the past define you; it doesn't matter anymore; over and forgotten; start your life over; what's in the past is in the past; yesterday is gone; be who you want to be..."

We all get told these things.  Because we all have that bit of hind-sight of things that went wrong. Things in our past.  In my past.  In your past. When we think we are doing so great, we get reminded.  We remember our past.  Our we have others remind us.  But it always happens.  To some more than others, and some have a more dynamic past than others, I think we can all agree.
But what make something in the past so dynamic?  Because while it may not define us anymore, it still affects us... big time!  Just a few examples...
  • Your new friend talks to someone who has known you for a while - or at least observed your life, and they no longer think as highly of you.
  • Those words over the dinner table turned you off for years.  And now, the only time you see them is an funerals and weddings.
  • Then there is that one night - just one night - that labels you as something you never thought you would be.
  • You meet up with a friend from grade school you haven't seen in years, and they cant help but notice how different you are.
  • What about about the first time you watched a movie you shouldn't have?
  • You were best on track, and your hip fractured, so you've been on crutches since... ten years ago.
  • No one knows why your sick, and they worry for you.  But when they hear the name of your disease, they cant help but shun you.
  • You know you'll never get married, because of that one thing.
  • The time you shared your testimony - it was shocking.

What is it about what is behind us that haunts us so?
Well, it seems to be how we think others see or react to our past; or how they actually do.

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