Saturday, May 14, 2011

My bookcase headboard contents

Behold, my bookshelf.

We have many bookshelves in our house, and the majoraty of my books I keep under my bed in large bins or in large stacks wherever I can fit them conveiniantly.

I keep a few of my notebooks and folders on the left side division. In the center-left, I keep brochers and information pamphlets on various things I want to learn more about, or simply have on hand. You can see them peaking out from The New International Webster's Pocket Reference Library, which I was so thoughtfully given for Christmas. (I'd like to see someone actually carry it around in their pocket, though :)

These here in the center division are books I havnt read yet, or have read and want to keep on hand.
Finder's Fee, by Alcorn, is soposed to be a good Christian novel, but I havnt read it as of yet, so I cannot promote, or discourage it to any of you.

The right side division holds my library books, borrowed books, and books I'm currantly reading.
False Witness, by Singer, I started reading, but didnt care for much at all.
This picture was taken a while ago, and have since finished reading A Case For Christ by Lee Strobel (very reccomendable book), and have added others.

If your wondering what some of my favorite books are, go ahead and look at my sidebar to the right there, under "Books I Love".

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