Wednesday, May 25, 2011

"Sometimes it makes me mad"

I don't get angry very often.  Pretty even-keel.  But when things are just wrong, then I may get upset.  Anyone been to YahooNews lately?  "Child's gender kept secret." blares out of the web.  (This I gotta see!) And its not the answer to the question, its the fact that Storm Witterick-Stocker's parents, of Canada, want to give a "testimony to freedom of choice".
That I have a problem with!
First of all, they messed up by bringing freedom of choice into it. You simply don't get a choice what gender you are.  The only thing I see about this situation that has to do with freedom of choice, (whatever that is nowadays) is the fact that the parents are taking a step to far by not allowing their child to make that... controversial choice himself.  It's one thing to pierce a babies ears, though they might form a conviction against it later (this is where freedom of belief comes in), and won't have that choice of not getting their ears pierced; its another thing to "decide" something for your child that is already decided.  Ahem!  Excuse me, Storm already has a gender!  You are not promoting freedom of personal choice by doing this!  An excerpt from the article:
"Stocker and Witterick say the decision gives Storm the freedom to choose who he or she wants to be. 'What we noticed is that parents make so many choices for their children. It's obnoxious,' adds Stocker, a teacher at an alternative school."
Yeah.  Sure is obnoxious.  The thing is, we can do a lot with our children.  We can teach them, we can set rules for them, we can bring them up in whatever religion we want here in America, but when they hit 18, they make their own choices.  Yes, we can influence that, as parents you are supposed to, but when all is said and done, your kid is who they are.  By choosing (freedom of choice, again) to have a child, you are agreeing to that you will raise them in the best way you can.  We have rules in America against abuse, but otherwise it's up to you.
I have another opinion to display (if you read my blog, you probably know I have a lot of [strong] opinions, but bear with me ;):  Since their choice in raising Storm in this way is, in fact, a religious decision, they cannot tag Christians (or anyone else for that matter) for raising their children in their beliefs.  May I add that anything anyone believes to be the truth in life is a religion?  Because it is.  Even if their religion is "anti-religion".  And I would say what David Stocker and Kathy Witterick have done is a pretty extreme religious act.  Have you ever noticed that people who claim to be most tolerant are least tolerant with anyone who even tolerantly mentions that they personally don't believe as they do?
Interesting, isn't it?  Anyway, another excerpt:
"They say that kids receive messages from society that encourage them to fit into existing boxes, including with regard to gender."
Yes, in regard to gender, there aren't any other existing boxes in that case.  I'm not saying that I hate their religion, I'm just saying that according to the truth, its wrong.  Because, like anyone else, I think my "religion" is right.  :)

Some of the comments by Yahoo users below this article I just had to post to help prove my point:

From "Bud"
Being a g-y man. I know as much as anyone that our society is in dire need of being taught to be accepting of others without regard to race,color, sex etc. However, using your children as a social experiment is not a great idea. Progressive thinking, but just not a great idea. Teach your children to be free thinkers if you want to change the world. But don't use them as lab rats to prove a point. They are human beings and should be treated as such.

From "Anonymous Yahoo user"
Someone posted "it is not what is between your legs that counts" True. It is whats in your head....and obviously the parents in question are lacking substance in this area. Playing and choosing the toys you want to play with is one thing....gender, whatever you may decide later AS AN ADULT, is not chosen at birth it is assigned. Trying to steer a developing child into a non-entity is cruel.

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