Friday, May 13, 2011

Song lyrics by me -- Time

I was just thinking about all the songs written that portray hard times.  Sad things, hard issues, lost loves.  The first verse starts out saying that there are so many songs like that; for every happy, feel-good song, there are two more about broken lives and hearts.  We have all heard them, we have all sung them, but no matter what the story, there is hope.  Hope because of the Time Jesus gave His life up for mine - thus the title of the song.  I'm trying to think of, perhaps, a better title, and a bridge to add to this song, but I just wrote it yesterday, so I'm a little slow on that.  I hope you enjoy.

Time by Valary-Mac <><

Verse I:

You know you've heard a million songs
Of bleeding hearts and trying times
It seems like when we ban all lies
Our words come out in screams and sobs

With every band and star and singer
They have two sad songs for every high
The most loved songs; they make us cry
Because we all long to be understood

But these lyrics will be different
For I am made for another land
I may be a mortal stuck in the winter
But there is new life to be had

When all is said and done and dead
When there are no words to be said
When no ones there to understands
And we and you and me have failed

When things hurt like nothing,
Something, anything
The best songs were written
When we couldn't sing

And when you cannot see the sky
When it seems pretty lame to cry
Because theres nothing to be had
Just think of the cross and Jesus and

Life, Life, Life and the Time, time, time
Jesus gave His up for mine

Verse II:
Some of us hope there is something to hope for
Some of us don't because we know we've already missed it
Some want to live some want to die
'Cause some have tried both a couple times

Get your tears out if nothing else
And wait and hope and watch and pray
And if you never see the day
You know you can in another life

Is this a song of hope
Or a ballad of sorrow?
A peak for tomorrow
Or a doom for today?

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Lyric writing is just a hobby of mine, along with poetry.  I am more serious about essays, debates, research, health issues, Historical fiction, Sci-Fiction, theology, and the likes.

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