Friday, May 6, 2011

Valary-Mac's crafty fashion

The summer sweater-
That's what I call them, because I don't know what they are officially called.  These are a fairly new trend, so they tend to be more expensive. I've seen them go for over $70.  Yikes!  As you probably know, I don't have anything in me to spend much on clothes.  The pink top here I paid about $2 for.


Looking at the pictures to your right, you can see that this really isn't a summer sweater, but a skimpy tank top.  (one that I would not wear alone, in case you were wondering :)
But with a few easy steps and a sewing machine, this can become a cute accessory or go-with for many outfits.

6 easy steps.
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Long and a little baggy

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