Saturday, May 7, 2011

What I did today

Such a perfect check mark.  I can
never get my check marks to look
good, so I just make squiggles.
 Today I...
  • Took my first bike ride in the year 2011
  • Tanned enough while biking to wear my summer make-up
  • Walked to work, then back after I was done
  • Cleaned a bathroom, washed dishes, tidied the living room, and swept and cleaned the basement stairs and landing at home.
  • Splurged and wore a dress with big flowery pockets
  • Supported a local business
  • Laughed until my tummy hurt
  • Didn't brush my hair
  • Helped a World War II Veteran with Diabetes and a Liver complaint find the right supplements and information for him out of hundreds of choices. [in the health store where I work]
  • Got my first mosquito bite
  • Discovered that the Saturday paper has more adds and no comics at all.
  • Chose carefully a mothers day gift.  Not an easy task, but only hard because its tricky to discern which gifts would express my love best on this once-a-year-day.
(If you are still looking for an instant mothers day gift favorite, get an organic 65% dark chocolate with fine Arabian espresso infusion from Green & Black's organics.)

Today, my Mother...
  • Prayed for the generation she had helped birth, with the power and sincerity only a mother can have.
  • Glanced at the baby pictures upon the piano top, no doubt remembering her children's first years, in which she had the amazing fortitude to use cloth diapers before they were popular, or effective.
  • Went shopping for her family, buying organic herbs at a low price, because she is smart that way.
  • Cooked a meal for us. Did you know, if she simply cooked one meal a day (and she does more than that), that she would have cooked 6,570 meals since her and dad have been married?  Wow!
  • Gave her daughters a hug and kiss.
  • Brewed tea for kombucha.  She bought me the starter kit for my birthday, but has gone beyond that, making it ever since, by herself, for the whole family.
  • Did not take a nap
  • Walked the dogs around the block.
    Click to view larger
  • Cleaned and tidied the kitchen, dining room, bedroom, her bathroom, mopped a floor, and worked on cleaning her room.
  • Homeschooled two teenagers.
  • Received a little chocolate bar I picked up after work, as a little pre-mother's day token of my thankfulness.  (More to come tomorrow, believe me)
Well, well, well.  Lets see how I compare.  Hmmm...
Maybe I should just say...

...Happy Mother's Day...

...tomorrow.  :)

I really love ya mom!

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Valary-Mac said...

Mom here, thanks and I love you too. :)