Tuesday, May 10, 2011

What us girls REALY want to know about modesty

The question all of us girls ask - "What do guys know about modesty?". But the one question we ask more is "What do guys think?".
Really! I'm not joking! 
If you are a boy reading this, we want you to know that we really value your opinions!

Guys, here is your assignment from Valary-Mac:  watch the videos below that are titled in blue, and comment below to tell us if all this is accurate.

Girls, your not getting away without a job either, though yours is easier:  watch the videos - all of 'em are great!

These are taped by guys who want to say something to you, or women and girls who know exactly what your going through. 
Go back to the two questions in bold at the top of this post.  Strap on your seat belts, because we are answering both right now!

What guys think about modesty:

Something every girl should listen to!

By guys, for girls

A guys point of view

Dannah Gresh on her book - Lies Young Women Believe - and beauty as we know it

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Great blogs for the issue of modesty, and videos to help you out-

'Stylishly Modest' Blog

Great Ideas and a modest clothing store

What clothes say about you

If any of you bloggees have any questions or comments on this post, any of the videos, and/or modesty and life, feel free to tell or ask me!  Do you have any resources you would like to share?  I would love 'em!

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