Thursday, June 30, 2011

Is it just me?

I just about died yesterday.  Did anyone else, or am I just a little weird?  I wrote one of the big ones.  You know - your literary masterpiece of the year.  I was this close to not having to write anything brilliant until 2012.  I spent so long writing, editing, re-editing, researching, arranging pictures, highlighting, spacing, editing, writing, re-editing, am I repeating myself here?  Then came the glorious moment, when spell check was ran through one last time, I felt pretty good for spelling "and" wrong again, and my finger triumphantly hit the Publish Post button.
Next scene.  "This link is inactive, were you looking for  Frantically, I pressed the "back" arrow at the top of my computer.  Next scene.  Back at my blogger dashboard.  I desperately check my drafts, and then my published works.  Alas! Its gone forever.  Does blogger expect Valary-Mac to actually remember what she rights?  What is this world coming too?!  Maybe I should just laugh at some comics - I'm already crazy.  But is it just me, or have I met other insane bloggers too?  I think there might be a whole community of us.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Two dollar, ten minute top {Simple Sewing}

I call this my two dollar, ten minute top, because I bought two bandannas from Wal-mart for a dollar each, and made a shirt out of them in about 10 minutes.  Once it turned out, I was excited to share it with you, too! 
Note: This will probably fit a small or medium.  If this shirt is too baggy on you, pear it with a cute cinch belt.

What you will need: Two large bandannas. Matching or coordinating thread. Sewing machine.  Scissors. 

Notice, in the picture diagram that I show the "right" and the "wrong" side of the fabric, though bandannas will usually not have the "right and wrong" sides, since both sides are identical, I thought I would show you which side I was showing at the moment.  Easier for you that way, I would imagine.  "Right" side is darker, "wrong" side is lighter.  You may use two different color bandannas for the two different sides if you like, or the same.  The red lines or areas show where to sew or cut.

Step #1: Sew opposite sides together, wrong sides out, right sides together, to make a sort of tube.

Step #2: Turn right side out, and cut how diagram shows.  Perhaps you would like to use one of your own t-shirts to know exactly what size of hole to cut for the arms, keeping in mind the picture here, and that this is much different than a t-shirt sleeve hole.

Step #3: Serge the edges to keep them from fraying, or use bias tape.  Otherwise, you can just do a thick zig-zag close to all the edges if you like the rustic, frayed look, without unraveling the whole shirt. 

Step #4: Add embellishments if you wish.

This shirt will most likely be a little bit sheer, and maybe a bit short, or open/flowing.  Wear a plain, short-sleeved shirt, or a modest, long tank-top underneath to complete your look.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Song by me -- "How did I show Myself"

So few songs talk about God Himself, for Who He is, and not just what He's done for us.  This song makes it clear that the last thing God needed was us, but we were created because He chose to love us - yes, you - though He knew we would hurt Him, even unto death.  He didn't have to create us, let alone die for us.  God doesn't need us, nor anything we do, yet He desires and wants us; we desperately need Him, and all too often don't want Him.

How did I show Myself  written by Valary-Mac

Verse I:
Beginning and the End
Ev'rything inbetween and then
Never started, never ending
Unchanging and unbending

Never needed a thing
I'm complete in My Being
The only Love and Truth
Truth is -- I never needed you

Yet still... I willed
To make you in My image
Can you hear Me whisper
Or do I have to thunder it

Verse II:
True Love is a choice
And I chose to love you
Before you had a voice
I created for Me you

I knew you would hurt me
And disgrace My beauty
I've opened up My arms
And let your arrows pierce My heart

I sent... My flesh
My blood and My Spirit
And when you fail
Righteous jealousy drives me crazy

What could I dictate in My power and might?
What could I create to make you bend your knees?
What song could I conjure to make you you fall in love?
How did I show Myself? I gave My Life.

Brothers and sisters at CYIA

Think you can escape stupidity and meet estrogen-free females at a Christian camp?  Nuh-uh.  We are all still humans, and no matter how mature we look, we are still teens.  Here are just a few fun things from my two-week stay at a missions training camp through CEF (Child Evangelism Fellowship).  And, like the title suggests, we did a lot of fellowshipping, and we had a lot of laughs.

*At camp we have a "6-inch-rule" established between the two genders.  We also had very strict expectations at "admiration from distances" (meaning none should be showing attraction at all whatsoever).  So, to have a little bit of fun, the guys gagged up some pick-up lines to throw at each other, and not us girls.  Here are a few, just for laughs:

"Is your dad a robber?   Because he must have stolen your eyes from the stars in heaven."

"Do you smell something burning?!  Because your on Fire!"

"Don't like your last name?  I can change that."

"Hey, whats going on around here?" 
"Nothin' but you."

Then, the best of all, (and the most honest,) from a guy named James:

"Do you have a razor? Because I need one."

My first Sunday back home, we had a guest speaker at our church, and what he was doing related a lot to some of the things we learned and practiced at CYIA training.  Being able to steer any conversation or comment into gospel evangelism.  They called them "Gospel pick-up lines".  First, he demonstrated what gospel pick-up lines were not.  Here are some-

"Are you a sinner?  Because you've just stolen my heart."

"Excuse me, miss, I believe one of your ribs belongs to me."

*My cabin leader's cousin-in-law is part of the Go Fish band.  The bass player.  I thought that was pretty cool.

*The cabin I stayed in was named "Peace", as each girl cabin was named after a Fruit of the Spirit.  There are only 8 girl cabins, so Self-Control was left out.  Until I figured out that the bathhouse cabin held that name.  :D Just kidding.
Our cabin, Peace, was also rich in Joy and Faith. (Names of two of the girls who were staying there, also).

*We all got a bit tired after waking at 6:30am, and lights-out at 10:30pm, with lots of activity inbetween.  We all got a little loopy too.  A true-to-life dialogue that took place in our cabin:

"Hey, can I use some of your mouth wash?"


"I don't have a cup, can I just use the cap to pour some into my mouth?  I'm not germ-y."

"That's fine with me, there's probably enough alcohol in there to disinfect anything."

"Which means I shouldn't drink it, right?" :) Joking around.

"Well, it might help us all stay awake." :) Also joking.
Later, when the borrower came back from showering, she tripped badly coming back into the cabin.

"A little tipsy, huh?"

"Yeah, sure."  The joking went on. One girl in particular couldn't stop laughing at the littlest things.

"You sure nobody spiked your juice at supper?" 
We all had our devos, and went to sleep.  Morning is always hard for us girls, cuz we all need our sleep, or some of us get cranky. ;)  One of us was having a hard time keeping her eyes open enough to climb down from her bunk.  "Is this what a hangover feels like?"

*Technical Difficulties are always a blast, huh?  We got used to laughing at knock knock jokes and cracking up at Laffy Taffy wrappers to amuse ourselves.

This is just a little video preview put together in 2008 (such a long time ago! :) of CYIA

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Back from CYIA

I returned from camp yesterday.  CYIA (Christian Youth In Action) through CEF (Child Evangelism Fellowship) was great.  I think this year, out of the four I've gone, is the most meaningful to me.  I don't know why, but I know it has to do all about God.  I was in the "Advanced class" this year, and praise God I was able to mentor a few of the younger girls there.  I am so thankful I was able to pass all the requirements, and even get honors this year, as I didn't last year, but did the first and third.  In all, I had to present 32+ things in entirety ranging from missions time and songs, to Bible lessons and wordless book, which have many requirements within themselves.

My absolute favorite part of the day was right after breakfast - student-lead prayer.  When all 112 students, ages 12 to 25 got together in the old barn we call the chapel, and would divide into groups, praying together earnestly for ourselves, the children we would be teaching, other missionaries all over the world, the hosts of our 5-day-clubs, the moving of the Holy Spirit, the weather, our health, our hearts and mind to be focused on Him, our families, and just about everything else.  Best part of the day!

Also, please pray for... an unspoken.  Something that really shocked me.  Pray for wisdom and guidance on how to deal with it, and the ones it affected.

I didn't feel homesick ('cuz I never do) but I am very glad to be home, and can't believe two weeks went by sooo fast!  Mostly, I'm glad to be able to see my friends at Sunday school and church again. 

I'll be posting much more on camp, but I just thought I'd update you, and tell you why I was absent for two whole weeks (if anyone noticed :).
Link to CEF, click here

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The downs of Disney

Once upon a time, there lived a beautiful young girl, barely out of her single digit years it seems. Singing like a morning breeze in the face of a livid storm.  Her world is perfect... except for her stuck up, ugly sisters and her overbearing father.  If only it wasn't for him, she could go off on her own and have the time of her life, because he is dumb and she is smart (Hmmm... well).  So when she innocently (as in deliberately disobeying him) tries to have fun, he gets angry and refuses to listen to her, no matter how loud she gets.  Then one day she finds a handsome prince in trouble.  It appears she is the good neighbor when saving him, yet when she delivers him to safety, she kisses him in his unconsciousness (talk about gross!).  She goes to the evil Ursula and trades, apparently, her most valuable possession, her voice, and risks all to go to this prince, with whom she has fallen in love with. (I'm glad the most valuable thing about me isn't my voice, even if it was as good as hers). You see, she meets this man once whom she will risk everything to run away to, hiding in a place so far away her family will never find her. (Yikes!) Their first night together, they almost kiss, but then are separated by evil forces (What a shame... I think).  But ol' Daddi-O comes to the rescue, risking the lives of all his subjects, and then apologizes for his harshness and lets her do whatever her heart desires, because its all about what your heart wants anyway, isn't it?  Ariel marries Eric and they live happily ever after because nothing ever goes wrong when your married and in love.  End of story - honest and true.

This is a typical Disney story.  Beautiful, wouldn't you agree?  Can you detect my oozing sarcasm seeping through your computer screen from mine?

Pink gowns, flowing hair in elegant masses piled to perfection.  Dainty hands and synched waists accentuating huge, perfected eyes fringed in curling lashes.  Tiny 'kini's and fins, or ball skirts with a low bodice, perhaps Jasmin's bubble pants over her itty bitty booty with an off-the-shoulder belly top.  Even at a wee-tiny age, I would look at Ariel's waist and think, "Hmmm, now I don't look like that."  For a very long time, their bodies were a standard of perfection... until the sickness affected me to the stage when I thought even they were fat.

The Disney princess movies - and it doesn't matter if they are VHS or DVD now - encourage instant gratification, lust portrayed in a good and "pure" way, aggressive dating, always happy endings, love-at-first-sight and kiss-at-first-chance, the philosophy that your heart is always right, and rebelling against higher and wiser authority.

A little deep for the children,
don't ya think?!

Am I saying that Disney is a sick, twisted process, and today's sex-drenched media and teen attitudes are to be blamed on them?  No.  I'm just saying that something so seemingly innocent can portray something so wrong.  How can you ask your children to listen when you explain that it's best to not have boyfriends and flirt at a young age, and then later say sex before marriage and go-with-your-very-first-crush aren't good when you put Cinderella, Snow White, Bell, and Jasmine in the safe-for-all ages category, and gush over the cute princess shirt with Ariel on the front, and dress them in a shiny purple shell bra and fins for Halloween?

I recently watched "The sorcerers Apprentice" on Netflix.  It was pretty good compared to most PG movies I've seen.  Here we see the main character falling for Becky in 2nd grade.  (Just so you know, that's normal for kids. It happens, though it shouldn't be applauded and encouraged.)  "Friend or Girlfriend?" the note reads.  He doesn't find out the answer until 10 years later, after some major dating a kisses.  That's typical.  That is so typical its lame now.  We get that high from our first kiss, but then we want more, we get more, and then its normal, and then its lame.  Then we move on to the next step...
These movies, along with millions of others, introduce this "first step" very young.  Some of you may have seen the controversial news on Yahoo about a 6-year-old's mom broadcasting her 6-year-old son's kiss with his girlfriend on YouTube... at 6 years old.   Sadly, that's very typical.  I could name a hundred more shows, movies, and video games where this is plentiful.  Beethoven's 1st through 3rd, Karate Kid, etc.

At that age, we are very vulnerable.  I know I was.  Remember Snow White?  When that kiss was the only thing that would save her from the sleeping death? 

We are giving these images to
very young children, along with
their (warped) standard of
romance and "purity".

The single years we all have is very valuable to prepare for the rest of our lives!  To be a better servant, spouse, parent, relative, friend, Christian, thinker/processor, and contributor to the world around us.  The kiss, or one of the very first steps in sensual involvement, is not what saves us from our miserable little missing-out time.  It is a reward and a prize kept for one you have been saving yourself for, and oh boy, will it be good!  (I'm not saying that from experience, I'm still very single, and very happy at that :).

Lets go over a few of the messages here:

Instant Gratification-
Hey, we all know its not the best.  Its fun.  Its instant.  Its gratifying... for a while.  But it's usually more like a farce.  This is one of America's biggest addictions!  "What do you mean we don't have money for it?  Take out a loan!", "Did you eat too many sweets?  Take some drugs, you'll feel better, and we'll do the same thing tomorrow", "We want to wait for children and marriage and have fun now; lets just take birth control pills or have an abortion", or "This Nation needs more stuff to make people feel better, so lets just borrow it from a Communist country so that we are indebted to them for the next 5 generations - that will make us feel really good, and get America out of the pit.".  That sound familiar?

Isn't that what America is all about?  Huh?  Are we proud of this?  I hope not!  I know I'm not, and I also know that Walt Disney, the "wonderful man in the office who inspired so many to live their dreams and get back to the magic of childhood" may not have known that he was inspiring kids to grow up too fast, with a wrong world view, and unrealistic and dangerous expectations of love and relationships.  But if he did, I think we are in trouble.  I also know that Walt Disney, the "wonderful man in the office" was also a very perverted man, steeped in... well... things, lets say.  I'm hoping that his "inspiration" for these cartoons arent dredged from his own experience and lust in the world of "love".

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


The rhino.
This one I've made some changes to since
taking the picture, but its pretty much the

Africa's most deadly animal - the hippo
This one took longer because I did a background to it.  I
couldn't fit the whole painting in the pic, so you are unable
to see the water.
 Click pictures to enlarge.

I painted these for the Theatre in the Courtyard our church puts on every summer. (This year's theme is - Who's Gotcha!).  I am also acting in 4 of the skits. (see A Character in Need)  I won't tell any of you what the play is about, as in what the paintings are used for, but perhaps I will after the dates we perform. 
Those of you who know me... come see the theatre!!!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Leavin' in 5 days

I can't believe its so soon!  CYIA (Christian youth in action) camp is in 5 days!  My bed is full of clothes, books, shampoo bottles and an umbrella.

There are 5 different "levels" to this training. Missionary, Bible, TCE 1, advanced, and TCE 2. I'll be in advanced this year.

CYIA is a two week missions training camp for teens and adults to teach and equip them with answers and materials to better teach the gospel to children. This is put on by a non-profit, worldwide children's ministry called CEF (Child Evangelism Fellowship), that has been around since 1937.  It has a statement of faith which is entirely based on our belief that the Bible is the inerrant word of God, and all it's contents are true.  We teach salvation through Christ, and how to grow in Him.

What will I do after these two weeks of intense training?  Well, during the summer, I'll be teaching 5-day-clubs. These are like mini VBSs in back yards, community centers, churches, homes, parks, and nearly anywhere else legally screened hosts (for child safety) and hostesses are willing to put on these clubs which are, ironically :), 5 days long, and last 2 hours each day.  A team of 2-4 teens (and adult, usually host,) will be present, and the trained teens will interact with the children, and follow a schedule of games, snack, Bible story, missions time, an exciting story, prayer, songs, activities, take-homes, and the like.

GNC (good news club) is an after-school, in-the-school club for any elementary-aged child to attend.  These are much like a 5-day-club in content, but goes nearly the whole school year, meeting once a week. 
Some states and counties have similar "party clubs" with the same teachings, but only meet on holidays such as Easter, Christmas, and such.

Needless to say, I'm excited about all this.  Its my forth year going to this camp, and I have some very dear friends there.  New kids come every year, foreign missionaries come to speak and interact with the campers, we support them with free-will offerings, and do the same in our clubs.


God commands Christians to tell others about Him.  That is called evangelism.  Children are the most receptive to the good news, though God's word moves in anyone the Holy Spirit pleases.  CEF is not the only way to evangelize, because there are many organizations out there that present the truth to the world.  Also, nobody needs to be part of an organization of any kind to tell others about the free grace and love given them through Christ.  It's very simple to do!  Yet many of us don't know how, and that is what CEF is for.  In fact, that is what TCE (Teaching Children Effectively) is for.  More advanced training on that subject, that can be used for any type of teaching.  That is what I took last year at camp.  (There are two parts to this "class".  TCE 1 and TCE 2.  I've only taken the first so far.

Since God does command you, if you are a Christian, to evangelize to others, what will you do this summer?

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Goin' ta church clothes

As my friends @ blog, Is This Modest would say...

..."A generation ago, you’d never find someone going to church that wasn’t wearing “Sunday Go To Meeting Clothes”. Men and women would go to church wearing their “Sunday Best” which would be a suit for men and a dress for the women. They would both wear hats, but the men would take them off at the door (of course)."                                                                                          Today things are different.  Whereas I think we definitely should try and dress up more for Sunday than Monday through Saturday, there are more sides to the discussion:
  1. Dressing like an Easter egg, or a brown-clad-and-all-covered Bible-basher might make others uncomfortable if they don't dress just like you.  Great point!  I've noticed that sometimes when I really dress up, my friends don't know how to interact with this done-up thing I decided to pull off.  But, just as your choice of clothing is your own, and your average-Jo off the streets first-time-in-church should be respected even if wearing jeans and a crumpled t-shirt, we all can choose for ourselves how we present ourselves.
  2. Modest clothing, bright hats, long skirts, and high heals are uncomfortable.  God wouldn't want us to be focused on uncomfortable clothes when worshiping in His place.  True... Whereas part of modesty isn't just in what you wear, but how you wear it, what your heart is about, and if your comfortable with what your wearing, modest clothing is usually, and should be comfortable.  For example, if you cannot stand high heels, do not wear them!  If you feel totally awkward in a long, flowing skirt, wear something else!  But it is a must to be modest.  Modest clothing is comfortable, and comes in a style that you like if you will just look around and be creative.
  3. I don't have any "church clothes" people think are acceptable where I go to worship, even if they are modest, but I don't feel comfortable, or obedient wearing what they think I should.  Am I wrong, or are they?  Good question!  If their expectations are very strict, then perhaps, if you get a good chance to (ask God for help) you can ask them politely why they have the conviction they do.  It could just be that they are a bit stubborn in their personal convictions and feel God wants them to dictate that to everyone else.  Then it may be something God will have to deal with their hearts about.  Be gracious, and bear with the failings of others in the church, edifying them.  If it is something that really isn't wrong, but offends someone else, you should consider 1 Cor 8:9, Romans 14:13, and others that deal with not using your free rights in any way that will make your brothers and sisters in Christ stumble.  If that is the issue, please consider changing the thing that severely offends them.  After all, we should sacrifice ourselves for others, and the Christian walk isn't always going to be comfortable. 
And now, for the thought that modest clothing, or "dressing up" for church is outmoded or ugly, have I got a breath of fresh air for you! 

Long skirts are from long ago... well they are back!

A style of long skirts is the
"broom skirt" or "crinkle skirt"
The middle-eastern flare of
earthy colors is so popular
its not even funny. :D

A beautiful summer,
or winter fashion that
is finding its way
back... and not just
for homeschoolers :)

Long and tight skirts tend
not to look modest, so go
for the flare!

See, you can look
casual with a longer
skirt. Sweet look!



Dresses are for grandmas!  Well, grandmas aren't gettin' any younger, so they passed this one on for ya'.

Even blacks, whites and greys
are OK for comfy, casual church

Incredibly simple and
cute.  Add a ribbon
belt to give more

Flowers make

Creme' de la creme'

How fun!  Add leggings
and a pink top under-
neath to make it a
modest dream outfit.

A few solutions to "iffy" outfits.


Choose bright leggings
to pop with any "normal"

This is truly cute!

Be sure that leggings don't
take the place of pants.
Skirts that are just too short
just should be

The undershirt!

A good cami, or under-
shirt, should be a bit
snug, and go up rather
high, in order not to
gape open, or too low,
defeating the purpose

Many brands dedicated to women's
modesty make good undershirts, or
camisoles, but if they are hard to get,
try a long tank top in the men's
department.  Hey, it works!

Almost any outfit can be
made more modest, and
cute with a cami

You say what?!  Tights?
Yeah, and they still can
look good. 

1 Timothy 2:9-10
I also want the women to dress modestly, with decency and propriety, adorning themselves, not with elaborate hairstyles or gold or pearls or expensive clothes, 10 but with good deeds, appropriate for women who profess to worship God.

I know you have heard this a thousand times, but true beauty comes from the heart. Your beauty should first - always first - come from within, and them you can play with modest fashions all you want.  Yes, it is really all about the heart that makes you beautiful.  And just in case you were wondering, guys think so too.  ;)

If dressing modestly, or wearing Christian witness clothing is an issue of pure embarrassment for you, I hope you don't mind if the Bible gets down to business on that one.

Mark 8:38

If anyone is ashamed of me and my words in this adulterous and sinful generation, the Son of Man will be ashamed of them when he comes in his Father’s glory with the holy angels.”
And again in Luke 9:26.
Yes, these are straight forward words that we need to love and obey our Father in heaven.  The first step to positive change is realizing that its needed, and that it is good.  Then, if you ask Him, God is more than willing to help you change.  He only says these things for your own benefit!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Black Genocide - it's real

Sometimes I am ashamed to be "white", looking at our offences against God and fellow man are stacked up high on our backs. But I know God made me who I am, a masterpiece in His eyes, and that He can use me to spread the horrible news to people who may just listen to a caucasian, as disgusting as it sounds, and make a difference. I also must remember that I, myself, have had no part in racist segregation and mistreatment.
Remember that the overwhelming desire be known as "superior" was Satan's plan from the very beginning. It only took one generation after the abolition of perfection in mankind for murder out of greed to take place. It has not stopped! This is not a battle of flesh and blood, although that is the overwhelming result, but a war of Good and evil, God and the Devil, who [the devil] seeks to kill, and who is the father of all lies. A wise man once said that the best way for evil men to prosper is for good men to do nothing. Keep in mind that no "man" is good, and all truth and righteous power come from God. It is time to uncover the truth, and make this mass murder of Black Genocide known to those who will listen.
If I was ever to be racist (which isn't happening) I would most certainly be racist against the racist (even though that makes no sense under simple scrutiny). Like all born into this world, save Jesus Christ, God Himself, I am sinful, and prone to pride. I must make sure that my "righteous indignation" in one area does not turn into a grievous sin in another, or the same.

  • "Black" women make up 12% of American Population, yet 37% of abortions (and growing) are performed on African-American females.  There are sooo many other shocking facts in the sick quest to exterminate a people simply because of their melanin content, and because of their "original" homeland. 
  • 90% Haitian women get any birth control they want, but less than 20% had access to safe drinking water, if any at all.
  • Guyana had rejected the abortion stimuli for 12 years. When disaster struck the country, the World Bank refused them any support unless they legalize abortion and birth control methods.  They accepted.
  • Adolf Hitler's rise against Jews is often remembered as just that, although he massacred more than one people group.  He subjected many Africans and African-Americans to "free-labor camps" (also found in America at that time), brutal medical experiments, death in mass, and torture.
  • Adolf Hitler considered the "Blacks and Australian Aborigines" at the bottom of the evolutionary level above primates.  (That makes me very, very, very mad)
  • Did you know that Planned Parenthood was started by Margaret Senger, a women Eugenicist all for obliterating the Black population, and said to a friend in a letter that the last thing the Birth Control Association (later called Planned Parenthood because of public opposition) needed was  the peoples to find out that their goal for their organization was to decrease Blacks in America.  Her solution to even the hint of that motivation was solved at the time with recruiting ministers and pastors to preach pre-written sermons and receive packages approving and defending abortion through Planned Parenthood.  It boomed.
  • "I've been all through Africa myself, and I've seen medical clinics that are full of birth control devices but no safe motherhood delivery kits; theres no, anaesthesia, theres not even any bandages there.  There are crates and crates of birth control pills and condoms."  -  Brian Cowes

Now what are you waiting for?  This is not just a matter of unfair and abominable discrimination against people groups, this is full-fledged murder, no matter against whom, and a flourishing plan of the devil.

Friday, June 3, 2011

You are all I'm after - Coffey Anderson

Best song ever by Coffey Anderson!

Just imagine if every Christian was really just after Jesus!  There would simply be no question about how much time is to much time playing video games, how much we can get away with, or if its OK to date a non-believer.  When He is your main priority, every decision comes from your love for Him, which started with His love for you.

(if the link above didn't work, here is one that will -

More models by Valary-Mac

born in bandannas

Cut to order

One zesty vest

Pink Pumps

In tiers

Kimono cool

Nautical Niceties

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Ancient artwork (from 2008 :) and random pictures

I was going through a drawer in my end table, and found two old sketch notebooks.  Some of the pictures (which I always date and sign) went back to 2007!  I don't know if any of these date back to then, but definitely to January 2008.  Since I love art and sketching, I thought I'd torture you with some pictures.  My camera isn't of the best quality, so they may be blurry, disillusioned or shadowed.

"They Cry"

I paid so much attention to the details that I never finished
her feet!  If you haven't noticed, I haven't finished it all
yet, either.


My hair is... red?

My hair isn't red, its really dark, but the flash brought out the red in it.
Don't ask me why I decided to put this on here.  The only hit I'll give you is to look at the last two words of the title of this post... random.


Modest models before WindowsPaint

I think I forgot to draw in their faces before coloring them.
Ah well, you can just imagine their pretty heads whichever
way you like.  ;)

Working on dimensions


6 things I have in my room


"Kyoko's bird"

To a friend of mine


"Multi-media = two-faced"

What happens when you mix this...

...with this?

You get a weird lookin' thing.  Abstract,
isn't it?


"The hand"

Just practicing

"Girlz with Guts" superheros

Its my mom, sister and I with superhero strengths, but mostly just weird costumes.  Remember that I drew this years ago, so its probably cheesy.


There's definitely more that I've done, but I'm taking up too much computer time waiting for the pictures to download.