Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Ancient artwork (from 2008 :) and random pictures

I was going through a drawer in my end table, and found two old sketch notebooks.  Some of the pictures (which I always date and sign) went back to 2007!  I don't know if any of these date back to then, but definitely to January 2008.  Since I love art and sketching, I thought I'd torture you with some pictures.  My camera isn't of the best quality, so they may be blurry, disillusioned or shadowed.

"They Cry"

I paid so much attention to the details that I never finished
her feet!  If you haven't noticed, I haven't finished it all
yet, either.


My hair is... red?

My hair isn't red, its really dark, but the flash brought out the red in it.
Don't ask me why I decided to put this on here.  The only hit I'll give you is to look at the last two words of the title of this post... random.


Modest models before WindowsPaint

I think I forgot to draw in their faces before coloring them.
Ah well, you can just imagine their pretty heads whichever
way you like.  ;)

Working on dimensions


6 things I have in my room


"Kyoko's bird"

To a friend of mine


"Multi-media = two-faced"

What happens when you mix this...

...with this?

You get a weird lookin' thing.  Abstract,
isn't it?


"The hand"

Just practicing

"Girlz with Guts" superheros

Its my mom, sister and I with superhero strengths, but mostly just weird costumes.  Remember that I drew this years ago, so its probably cheesy.


There's definitely more that I've done, but I'm taking up too much computer time waiting for the pictures to download.

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