Saturday, June 4, 2011

Black Genocide - it's real

Sometimes I am ashamed to be "white", looking at our offences against God and fellow man are stacked up high on our backs. But I know God made me who I am, a masterpiece in His eyes, and that He can use me to spread the horrible news to people who may just listen to a caucasian, as disgusting as it sounds, and make a difference. I also must remember that I, myself, have had no part in racist segregation and mistreatment.
Remember that the overwhelming desire be known as "superior" was Satan's plan from the very beginning. It only took one generation after the abolition of perfection in mankind for murder out of greed to take place. It has not stopped! This is not a battle of flesh and blood, although that is the overwhelming result, but a war of Good and evil, God and the Devil, who [the devil] seeks to kill, and who is the father of all lies. A wise man once said that the best way for evil men to prosper is for good men to do nothing. Keep in mind that no "man" is good, and all truth and righteous power come from God. It is time to uncover the truth, and make this mass murder of Black Genocide known to those who will listen.
If I was ever to be racist (which isn't happening) I would most certainly be racist against the racist (even though that makes no sense under simple scrutiny). Like all born into this world, save Jesus Christ, God Himself, I am sinful, and prone to pride. I must make sure that my "righteous indignation" in one area does not turn into a grievous sin in another, or the same.

  • "Black" women make up 12% of American Population, yet 37% of abortions (and growing) are performed on African-American females.  There are sooo many other shocking facts in the sick quest to exterminate a people simply because of their melanin content, and because of their "original" homeland. 
  • 90% Haitian women get any birth control they want, but less than 20% had access to safe drinking water, if any at all.
  • Guyana had rejected the abortion stimuli for 12 years. When disaster struck the country, the World Bank refused them any support unless they legalize abortion and birth control methods.  They accepted.
  • Adolf Hitler's rise against Jews is often remembered as just that, although he massacred more than one people group.  He subjected many Africans and African-Americans to "free-labor camps" (also found in America at that time), brutal medical experiments, death in mass, and torture.
  • Adolf Hitler considered the "Blacks and Australian Aborigines" at the bottom of the evolutionary level above primates.  (That makes me very, very, very mad)
  • Did you know that Planned Parenthood was started by Margaret Senger, a women Eugenicist all for obliterating the Black population, and said to a friend in a letter that the last thing the Birth Control Association (later called Planned Parenthood because of public opposition) needed was  the peoples to find out that their goal for their organization was to decrease Blacks in America.  Her solution to even the hint of that motivation was solved at the time with recruiting ministers and pastors to preach pre-written sermons and receive packages approving and defending abortion through Planned Parenthood.  It boomed.
  • "I've been all through Africa myself, and I've seen medical clinics that are full of birth control devices but no safe motherhood delivery kits; theres no, anaesthesia, theres not even any bandages there.  There are crates and crates of birth control pills and condoms."  -  Brian Cowes

Now what are you waiting for?  This is not just a matter of unfair and abominable discrimination against people groups, this is full-fledged murder, no matter against whom, and a flourishing plan of the devil.

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