Monday, June 27, 2011

Brothers and sisters at CYIA

Think you can escape stupidity and meet estrogen-free females at a Christian camp?  Nuh-uh.  We are all still humans, and no matter how mature we look, we are still teens.  Here are just a few fun things from my two-week stay at a missions training camp through CEF (Child Evangelism Fellowship).  And, like the title suggests, we did a lot of fellowshipping, and we had a lot of laughs.

*At camp we have a "6-inch-rule" established between the two genders.  We also had very strict expectations at "admiration from distances" (meaning none should be showing attraction at all whatsoever).  So, to have a little bit of fun, the guys gagged up some pick-up lines to throw at each other, and not us girls.  Here are a few, just for laughs:

"Is your dad a robber?   Because he must have stolen your eyes from the stars in heaven."

"Do you smell something burning?!  Because your on Fire!"

"Don't like your last name?  I can change that."

"Hey, whats going on around here?" 
"Nothin' but you."

Then, the best of all, (and the most honest,) from a guy named James:

"Do you have a razor? Because I need one."

My first Sunday back home, we had a guest speaker at our church, and what he was doing related a lot to some of the things we learned and practiced at CYIA training.  Being able to steer any conversation or comment into gospel evangelism.  They called them "Gospel pick-up lines".  First, he demonstrated what gospel pick-up lines were not.  Here are some-

"Are you a sinner?  Because you've just stolen my heart."

"Excuse me, miss, I believe one of your ribs belongs to me."

*My cabin leader's cousin-in-law is part of the Go Fish band.  The bass player.  I thought that was pretty cool.

*The cabin I stayed in was named "Peace", as each girl cabin was named after a Fruit of the Spirit.  There are only 8 girl cabins, so Self-Control was left out.  Until I figured out that the bathhouse cabin held that name.  :D Just kidding.
Our cabin, Peace, was also rich in Joy and Faith. (Names of two of the girls who were staying there, also).

*We all got a bit tired after waking at 6:30am, and lights-out at 10:30pm, with lots of activity inbetween.  We all got a little loopy too.  A true-to-life dialogue that took place in our cabin:

"Hey, can I use some of your mouth wash?"


"I don't have a cup, can I just use the cap to pour some into my mouth?  I'm not germ-y."

"That's fine with me, there's probably enough alcohol in there to disinfect anything."

"Which means I shouldn't drink it, right?" :) Joking around.

"Well, it might help us all stay awake." :) Also joking.
Later, when the borrower came back from showering, she tripped badly coming back into the cabin.

"A little tipsy, huh?"

"Yeah, sure."  The joking went on. One girl in particular couldn't stop laughing at the littlest things.

"You sure nobody spiked your juice at supper?" 
We all had our devos, and went to sleep.  Morning is always hard for us girls, cuz we all need our sleep, or some of us get cranky. ;)  One of us was having a hard time keeping her eyes open enough to climb down from her bunk.  "Is this what a hangover feels like?"

*Technical Difficulties are always a blast, huh?  We got used to laughing at knock knock jokes and cracking up at Laffy Taffy wrappers to amuse ourselves.

This is just a little video preview put together in 2008 (such a long time ago! :) of CYIA

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