Thursday, June 30, 2011

Is it just me?

I just about died yesterday.  Did anyone else, or am I just a little weird?  I wrote one of the big ones.  You know - your literary masterpiece of the year.  I was this close to not having to write anything brilliant until 2012.  I spent so long writing, editing, re-editing, researching, arranging pictures, highlighting, spacing, editing, writing, re-editing, am I repeating myself here?  Then came the glorious moment, when spell check was ran through one last time, I felt pretty good for spelling "and" wrong again, and my finger triumphantly hit the Publish Post button.
Next scene.  "This link is inactive, were you looking for  Frantically, I pressed the "back" arrow at the top of my computer.  Next scene.  Back at my blogger dashboard.  I desperately check my drafts, and then my published works.  Alas! Its gone forever.  Does blogger expect Valary-Mac to actually remember what she rights?  What is this world coming too?!  Maybe I should just laugh at some comics - I'm already crazy.  But is it just me, or have I met other insane bloggers too?  I think there might be a whole community of us.

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