Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Leavin' in 5 days

I can't believe its so soon!  CYIA (Christian youth in action) camp is in 5 days!  My bed is full of clothes, books, shampoo bottles and an umbrella.

There are 5 different "levels" to this training. Missionary, Bible, TCE 1, advanced, and TCE 2. I'll be in advanced this year.

CYIA is a two week missions training camp for teens and adults to teach and equip them with answers and materials to better teach the gospel to children. This is put on by a non-profit, worldwide children's ministry called CEF (Child Evangelism Fellowship), that has been around since 1937.  It has a statement of faith which is entirely based on our belief that the Bible is the inerrant word of God, and all it's contents are true.  We teach salvation through Christ, and how to grow in Him.

What will I do after these two weeks of intense training?  Well, during the summer, I'll be teaching 5-day-clubs. These are like mini VBSs in back yards, community centers, churches, homes, parks, and nearly anywhere else legally screened hosts (for child safety) and hostesses are willing to put on these clubs which are, ironically :), 5 days long, and last 2 hours each day.  A team of 2-4 teens (and adult, usually host,) will be present, and the trained teens will interact with the children, and follow a schedule of games, snack, Bible story, missions time, an exciting story, prayer, songs, activities, take-homes, and the like.

GNC (good news club) is an after-school, in-the-school club for any elementary-aged child to attend.  These are much like a 5-day-club in content, but goes nearly the whole school year, meeting once a week. 
Some states and counties have similar "party clubs" with the same teachings, but only meet on holidays such as Easter, Christmas, and such.

Needless to say, I'm excited about all this.  Its my forth year going to this camp, and I have some very dear friends there.  New kids come every year, foreign missionaries come to speak and interact with the campers, we support them with free-will offerings, and do the same in our clubs.


God commands Christians to tell others about Him.  That is called evangelism.  Children are the most receptive to the good news, though God's word moves in anyone the Holy Spirit pleases.  CEF is not the only way to evangelize, because there are many organizations out there that present the truth to the world.  Also, nobody needs to be part of an organization of any kind to tell others about the free grace and love given them through Christ.  It's very simple to do!  Yet many of us don't know how, and that is what CEF is for.  In fact, that is what TCE (Teaching Children Effectively) is for.  More advanced training on that subject, that can be used for any type of teaching.  That is what I took last year at camp.  (There are two parts to this "class".  TCE 1 and TCE 2.  I've only taken the first so far.

Since God does command you, if you are a Christian, to evangelize to others, what will you do this summer?

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