Monday, June 27, 2011

Song by me -- "How did I show Myself"

So few songs talk about God Himself, for Who He is, and not just what He's done for us.  This song makes it clear that the last thing God needed was us, but we were created because He chose to love us - yes, you - though He knew we would hurt Him, even unto death.  He didn't have to create us, let alone die for us.  God doesn't need us, nor anything we do, yet He desires and wants us; we desperately need Him, and all too often don't want Him.

How did I show Myself  written by Valary-Mac

Verse I:
Beginning and the End
Ev'rything inbetween and then
Never started, never ending
Unchanging and unbending

Never needed a thing
I'm complete in My Being
The only Love and Truth
Truth is -- I never needed you

Yet still... I willed
To make you in My image
Can you hear Me whisper
Or do I have to thunder it

Verse II:
True Love is a choice
And I chose to love you
Before you had a voice
I created for Me you

I knew you would hurt me
And disgrace My beauty
I've opened up My arms
And let your arrows pierce My heart

I sent... My flesh
My blood and My Spirit
And when you fail
Righteous jealousy drives me crazy

What could I dictate in My power and might?
What could I create to make you bend your knees?
What song could I conjure to make you you fall in love?
How did I show Myself? I gave My Life.

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