Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Two dollar, ten minute top {Simple Sewing}

I call this my two dollar, ten minute top, because I bought two bandannas from Wal-mart for a dollar each, and made a shirt out of them in about 10 minutes.  Once it turned out, I was excited to share it with you, too! 
Note: This will probably fit a small or medium.  If this shirt is too baggy on you, pear it with a cute cinch belt.

What you will need: Two large bandannas. Matching or coordinating thread. Sewing machine.  Scissors. 

Notice, in the picture diagram that I show the "right" and the "wrong" side of the fabric, though bandannas will usually not have the "right and wrong" sides, since both sides are identical, I thought I would show you which side I was showing at the moment.  Easier for you that way, I would imagine.  "Right" side is darker, "wrong" side is lighter.  You may use two different color bandannas for the two different sides if you like, or the same.  The red lines or areas show where to sew or cut.

Step #1: Sew opposite sides together, wrong sides out, right sides together, to make a sort of tube.

Step #2: Turn right side out, and cut how diagram shows.  Perhaps you would like to use one of your own t-shirts to know exactly what size of hole to cut for the arms, keeping in mind the picture here, and that this is much different than a t-shirt sleeve hole.

Step #3: Serge the edges to keep them from fraying, or use bias tape.  Otherwise, you can just do a thick zig-zag close to all the edges if you like the rustic, frayed look, without unraveling the whole shirt. 

Step #4: Add embellishments if you wish.

This shirt will most likely be a little bit sheer, and maybe a bit short, or open/flowing.  Wear a plain, short-sleeved shirt, or a modest, long tank-top underneath to complete your look.

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