Sunday, July 31, 2011

And the number is...

I was checking my blog stats, and thought I'd take a looksy at how many views it's gotten this month so far.  The number?  Six hundred and sixty six, or 666. 
I find that hilarious.
Lets see if, in August, we can hit 777 views.  ;)

Friday, July 29, 2011

Thinking about Him - the heart of the matter

I've posted several discussions on the subject of love, relationships, and dating, but they all deal with the outward more than the inward.  And as we should realize before we try and change anything about ourselves, is that anything that happens on the outside, is really just a reflection of the heart.  [Matt. 23:25-28, Mark 7:14 and 7:20-23]
So it makes sense when Jesus said "If you love Me, you will obey My commands..."  John 14:23-24, and also "By this, all men will know you are my disciples..."  John 13:35.  It is not by "good-works" we are saved, but righteous things we do are only proof that we know and love God.
So, what if you have something going on in your mind, maybe even just bouncing around in there, pretty harmless, but it won't be masked for long. [Eph 2:8-9, Isaiah 64:8, Psalm 32:5]
  Now that we know this, what if, since we are girls and tend to be a bit sentimental and romantic, we find ourselves thinking about guys... all the time.  What if we find ourselves thinking about one particular fellow.  Though thoughts are just the beginning, they are the hardest to wriggle out of, as reflected in Psalm 13:2. But, there is good news! Psalm 139:23 states that God knows all about us, and that He knows and understands our thoughts. 
"For the LORD searches every heart and understands every motive behind the thoughts..."  1 Cor 28:9, see also see Hebrews 4:12
Sometimes that scares us.  We think "God knows all my thoughts?  So He knows that this good stuff is all just a facade, and He knows the real me, all the time?!"  But don't worry!  It is a good thing to realize our less-than-perfect state next to a Holy God, but it is also quite a relief to all of us that this Holy God also has compassion on our lowly position.
And God can graciously and gently help us deal with our thoughts.

I think we all can agree that the topic of boys is
over-obsessed in most girl's circles.

One thing we all should know is that Nature Hates a Vacuum. 

[Vacuum according to Merriam-Webster online dictionary - 1vac·u·um noun \ˈva-(ˌ)kyüm, -kyəm also -kyü-əm\   Plural vac·u·ums or vac·ua\-kyə-wə\ Definition of VACUUM 1: emptiness of space  2a : a space absolutely devoid of matter]  

A vacuum is an area of nothingness. Trying to get rid of unwanted thoughts is like trying to run a marathon in a vacuum.  Depressing?  Let me say it again:
 Trying to get rid of unwanted thoughts is impossible unless you have something to replace them with.

When you find yourself thinking of that guy at church, the sweet young man who held the door for you at Walmart, the fella across the street, or anything, here are a few things you can do.
  • Memorize Scripture verses to quote when you are tempted. Psalm 119:11.  God's Word is so powerful it can divide bones and marrow. Hebrews 4:12.  It will certainly help.
  • Pray!  If you know Jesus as your Savior, then he will listen to you indefinitely, and answer you how He knows is best. 1 Timothy 2:1, Eph 6:18, Phil 4:6, Jer 29:12.
  • Monitor your conversation.  Keeping the thoughts inside may only incubate them to multiply and grow.  Having a prayer journal in which you actually speak to God on paper helps you to visualize bringing yourself to Him.  Also, when girls get together, you may have noticed that one of the main topics is... you guessed it... boys.  Avoid those conversations at all costs.  Speaking to a mentor who is older than you and has proved themself wise in these areas is a great thing to do. 1 Cor 7:9Titus 2:3-5, Gal 6:1, Prov 6:25, 1 Cor 5:9, Matt 6:13,   Confession is good for the soul.
  • Avoid triggers.  Whereas most of the time you just can't help seeing guys, looking at certain magazines, going into specific stores at the mall, or viewing chic flicks are things you can avoid. James 1:14, Matt 16:33.
  • Make sure that you are walking with God every day!  If the devil knows that if we are not spending quality, intimate time with God every single day, then he knows that you will be weakened.  You will also not be filled with that awairness of His Word as much as you are when a daily devotional time is a concrete part in your day.
Keep your mind and heart on God before all else!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Modest Outfit contest

I'm joining a modest outfit contest on one of my favorite blogs by Natasha, What I Wear, What I Did, And Why I Did It.
Click on the link above to see it.  Make sure to vote for the best outfit!

Remember the modest swimsuits!

Summer fun God's way!
check out where you can get modest swimsuits that match your style, right here on Valary-Mac's blog.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Comment comment commet!!!

I absolutely love hearing from all of you guys that follow my blogs.  The thing is, I never hear from you.  And if your a reader and not a "follower", its easy to sign up!  
I'm not that weird, you can talk to me.
As a blogger, I blog for you guys.  You don't know how excited I get when I find something out that I can share, or how disappointed I am when I have to clean my room before I get computer time.  :)  Yes, I'm speaking from experience here.
So what do you like?  The health updates?  The modesty posts?  The comics?  Let me know!

Modest Models by Valary-Mac

Bamboo and poppies
Floral dresses are popular now!
Giving a rustic, rough-hewn flare
with browns, hemps and wood-
en jewelry and accessories gives
just the right balance
 Never before seen, hot-of-the-press new looks for 2011 by Valary-Mac

Cat in the Hat
Styles repeat themselves
every few decades, and the
retro colors and stripes have
made their come-back. Easy
to slip on over a swimsuit,
with comfortable, laid back
sweats, this screams cool
and comfy.


Chia tea with rose
School girl with a bit of edge,
the bright but sweet button-up
under a "drab"sweater is good
for the dorm room to class
commute with trendy feather
earrings and hair piece, with a cute
mixture of style and color.

Grey decor'
Class never goes out of style -
but it can sway with the ages a
bit.  A multi-stone necklace and
chained belt with strappy black
sandals and embroidered felt
gauchos.  Sure to be a favorite!

Peacock's tail
I admit, its hard to draw tie-die
on the computer.  But that's what
its supposed to be, and if it turned
out, it would go hand-in-hand with
the "nature girl" look raging
among the cute and crunchy gals.

Hat Master
"Sailor shorts" and a
engineer cap mixes quite
well with a pair of lemon
yellow heels and a
commandingly petalled
cadette blue/periwinkle top.

Mandarin Kiwi
The beach-worthy maxi-
dress in a stunning brazen
orange seems to be the color
of the year, in a longer dress
than I always love wearing,
and very natural, "woody"
accessories and a nicely
contrasting headscarf.

Catching rays
With the big baggy shoulder-
purse, the wide horizontal
strips go just right with the
summer pastel skirt. Pop culture
and some more tame

10 days of Modest III

The sunshine beach jam outfit

Just right under the coconut cabana sipping a mango juice spritzer at the ritzy open-air cafe'.

A high-belted skirt in
the modern summer
colors of 2011, with
just a few pleats is
sure to make you chill!

Adding some pop and
sizzle in a classic,
orthodox polo just
right for the sun.

Reminiscent of the "Gladiator style"
sandals with some brown hemp
straps and crunchy-lookin' elastic
hiking bands, make you look like the
now popular yogurt slurpin', carrot
gardening fashionista you may be.

Or, if the beach mall is
your destination, try
these smokin' heels.
"All tied up" gives your
feet that "little dolly"
look that goes great
with modern skirts.

To go with your cloudy pastel
skirt, get some fringe-beaded
jewelry that may be just a little
chunky.  Trendy and patriotic
with the Native-American look.

As for hair accessories, try a small sports headband with a large white fabric flower to one side to top it all off.

Yup, its Valary-Mac

When your as odd and diverse as I am, some people get the wrong idea of you. 
I tend to be very independent, and I also seem to have a build-in sense of automatic service.  So I hold the door open for a guy, I shoo them away when they seek to help me carry something heavy, and when I have no interest in them, or make an occasional joke, people might think, "Is she a feminist?". No!
I am quite bored by girls who scream at mice and bugs, break into a sweat when moving chairs from one end of the room to another, or think that football is a barbaric sport.  When I climb trees, and roll my eyes at a mud puddle so many would avoid, or attempt to playfully wrestle down little three-year-olds I'm babysitting, and don't cringe when they play sword-fights with Styrofoam tubes.  Is she a tomboy?  Well, yes and no.  You see, I'm a little weird.  (Yeah, I know, everybody is weird, please Valary-Mac, say something at least a little profound.)  Sometimes I feel like broccoli ice cream.  But you know, I sorta like it. 
What about health? 
You may know I'm weird there too.  Go down a few months back to the posts "that stuff I like", and take a look at my green-love.  I enjoy exercise, yet am no athletic, am strong, but don't look like it, and also make and bake ridiculously healthy things. 
I know the importance of that "inner peace", but know it only comes from God.  I'm not a yogurt-slurpin' yoga into the "oneness of the universe" or anything.  I'd much rather be one with the Maker of the universe, if you know what I mean.
Then how I dress.
One Sunday, I may wear a pretty white dress with a shimmery shawl.  The next, perhaps a stripedy shirt with a skirt, leggings, and leg warmers.  Then when I get home, I'll change into baggy basketball shorts and a t-
shirt.  Maybe I'll go to work in gauchos and a logo shirt with cute converse shoes.
Does wearing a long tunic and a rainbow headband make me a hippie?  Or high heels and dresses a girly-girl? Not me. I may go for months without painting my nails, then give myself a manicure two days in a row.
Shifting characters? Umm... no - its just me.
Party-pooper/the clown:
Interesting combo there. As I said earlier, I tend to be very independent.  I stand alone and enjoy myself, by myself with, myself. You would think, "She is either a snob, an insecure teen, or some other fill-in-the-blank." 
Then, the next day, you see me singing in the rain, putting my co-workers in stitches, conversing with strangers, or laughing uproariously with my friends.
Who is this person?  What is she?  Is that... you?  Yup, its Valary-Mac, and God bless ya!

Adorable canvas craft

The Girls With Glasses craft

Get Crafty With The Girls With Glasses from The Girls With Glasses on Vimeo.

I love the Girls with Glasses videos.  They are so down-to-earth funny, creative, stylish, and ready to share.  Watch more of their shows and tutorials, plus insider's opinions on cupcakes, at Vimeo.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Song by me, This Life

You may be able to tell from reading my song lyrics that I try and pick the most controversial, and sneaky, culturally accepted beliefs and make a truthful song about it.  Lets see what lie I'm pickin' on this time... 
This one is about life itself.  Doesn't it make sense that the devil would go for fouling the very foundation of, well, life.  The lie: This life is whatever you want it to be, so make sure your doing what you want.  The truth: Life is a gift from God.  Fulfilling it is only doing what God intended for it.

This Life, song by Valary-Mac (my pen name) <><

Verse 1:
Well, everybodie's saying that it's my life, my life
And to do it for me, and to treat myself right
How many times have I heard I am my spotlight, spotlight
To follow my heart, and to push my own rights... well I...

I'm sorry I won't apologize
This really isn't my life
This really isn't my time to just feel right
and follow my own heart
'Cuz its been given away
More like bought with a prise
I have been given new eyes
And they belong to my God
Every good work in me is His
And every wrong one is mine
Because this life isn't mine, mine

Verse 2:
Have you seen it on TV with your own eyes, own eyes
'Cuz most everything on there is a big fat lie
With self-esteem down we've gotta pump it high, pump high
And justify anything with "its your life"... well, my life...

Verse 3:
To the system of the world I'm saying by-by, by-by
You have heard it by now, that it isn't my life
If you want that same thing lift your hands up high, high
And tell my God that you accept His Son that died

True meaning isn't found in me, myself and I
To truly life, our old selves have to die
If you wanna get a life that gives Him glory
Open up to da Book, and read 1 Cor 6:19-20

A friendly political chat

Isn't it funny how Bush was monitored for every penny gas prices went up (though it just didn't count when it went down), but now that Mr. Obama saved us from the bogey man, only a few (or the few we actually hear about) talk about the rocketing black-gold economy.  Well, he has special friends in the oil-producing countries  (Alaska doesn't count either) so that makes it better, huh?
I find that hilarious... in a way.  I have a wry, dry, sarcastic sense of humor sometimes.
That's why I get a kick out of the news channel.  And that's also why I hardly ever, ever watch it.  Repetitive exposure to such channels can be hazardous to health and mood. 
I prefer the morning paper, looking up campaigning adds on YouTube, and certain magazines like World magazine, which I'll talk more about later.

News report by Valary-Mac <><

A small state far north, braving harsh winters and odd, sweltering summers becomes a spectacle of political unrest, some of which heard 'round the country.  Wisconsin, other than being known as the dairy state whose role in dairy product and export has now been passed up by sunny California, and now is the state with the number of most bars, has a new claim to fame.  Starting with the Scott Walker debut on union rights (more on that little torpedo in a different post), and now the Clark/Olsen war.  But, hitting a note on the "Walker uprising", I simply must make a tune out of it.  Its more than likely that you've heard of the recent fling in Madison, Wisconsin's state capitol.  Rants and rages, threats and mobs, and... sleeping bags and crock pots?... right inside the capitol building under the great dome of justice?!  For just days short of a week, protesters were allowed to live in the capitol building, causing much damage to the property, and much distress with violence and alleged death threats to the opposite party.  I think that was enough to get a few key people's attention (More on that later), and forced them to reconsider the bill.
The thing is, a very, very, Very small percentage of the public took part in the protest, but enough indignant citizens did to make it look huge, and enough people screamed to make it sound like the national uprising of the decade.  But, in reality, a small percentage of the public even voted against Walker's plan.
My grandma always said "The squeaky wheel gets the grease".  Even if your one in a million, make enough ruckus and you'll get more attention than a hundred quiet men.  As we proceed with the subject at hand, lets keep our eyes out for real majorities, or just a red radio-flyer with rusting axles.
Fred Clark vs. Senator Luther Olsen has been raging.  The biggest debate -- aside from statistics and promises -- is the life-value debate.
Much undeniable evidence on Clark's extreme bias on pro-abortion-ism can be stated without any objection to it's truth.
Fred Clark

  • He is endorsed by Planned Parenthood, many state's primary and leading provider of abortion services.
  • As an assemblyman, Fred Clark voted to send state funds to UW facilities that perform late-term abortions. (vote on 6-8-2009)
  • He also voted to allow pro-abortion organizations like Planned Parenthood to enter the schools and provide education on human growth and development. (vote on 11-5-2009 and 1-28-2010)
This information, along with others, was provided by a Right to Life flyer, not funded by Olsen. 
A political flyer funded by Clark told of the life-value woes done by Senator Olsen, describing Olsen as a neglector of senior citizens, and greedy for money.  Say Luther Olsen would end social care for seniors as we know it, by refunding medicare greatly.  (Notice "greatly" is a rather relative term in the world of campaigning).  Now exactly what is he gonna do with all that government money now that it's being snatched away from helpless Wisconsinites?  Hmm... perhaps work on our dept problem instead of sending gobs of moola to kill off the well fare-suckers Clark says he cares so much about. (Ouch!)
Numbers and words are all very find in their places, but words are cheap, and numbers need to be made sense of.  (I wonder just who in DC is making sense - or cents - out our multi-trillion dollar plus, and ever growing like our dept ceiling, that we have been so gleefully borrowing?).

Senator Luther Olsen

But when we have made sense of our statistics and percentages, and our words have been placed just so as to create value, we just may be on to something.  And if so, we better listen, or we just may be hurled unsuspectingly into the blinding abyss of political correctness.  Now lets talk-

Fred Clark unashamedly and strongly supports undeniable murder of young-ones who cannot speak up for themselves in any way, but "supports" the elderly, who you better believe can get things cookin' if rejected.  Senator Olsen protects the nameless and voiceless to "his shame" by the majority of the loudmouths protesting, but has a different plan for taking care of our valued senior citizens - for indeed they are.
A few flaws with medicare(keeping in mind that no system is perfect)
  • Not everyone even qualifies for medicare
  • Medicare doesn't cover all costs of all medication
  • Medicare keeps it's users on their drugs (which is, most definitely, what medications are) until they die, instead of advising and guiding them in healthy lifestyles.
Ending medicare as we know it isn't ending it at all, but simply changing it - perhaps for the better.  Lets take a look...

I work in a health food and supplement store, and I talk with many elderly persons who are on medicare.

  In addition to paying a percentage, however small, for their drugs with medicare, they still need more "stuff".  Cinnamon and CoQ10 for heart health when their headache medication gives them palpitations and high blood pressure;  Fish oil, cayenne, and Burdock for varicose veins and proper circulation impaired by their heart medications; tea tree oil and L-lysine for mouth sores come by through sleeping medication;  probiotics and Swedish bitters for poor digestion and acid reflux caused by other drugs, and ginseng and healthy foods for energy when anti-depression drugs leave them in the dust, physically.
They are still paying a good amount more, sometimes hundreds, on some things strictly because of their drug side-effects.  Surely there has to be a better way.  Surely there must be relatives somewhere that can get them their multi-vitamins, fish oils natural heart health, and probiotics at the local health food store, where senior discounts are usually in store because of their genuine appreciation of the generation who raised their moms and dads, who fought for their basic freedom, and who gave them the head start to what they needed for a successful life.  Or are those who are closest to them the most selfish?  Do they simply need to ask for help?  Do they figure that since they are paying taxes too, the government should take full care of their grandmas, grandpas, great uncles and aunts? 
I have an idea!  Lets actually listen to what Olsen is proposing for his new plan.  Believe me, he isn't neglecting those with a voice, to just take care of those without one.

This is Valary-Mac with your latest political storm forecast.  If heading out this week, pack sunglasses to shield your eyes fro the endless rows of contradicting yard signs, and plenty of sunscreen, as rays of unrest and complete bias are literally taking the nation by the scads.  Make sure to check the ingredients list thoroughly before taking a big bite out of the latest juicy news-stand.

Some rather random, very applicable, profoundly insightful, and relatively short article links from WORLD magazine:

Harold Camping

Pastor Camping's tent is rather far pitched-- making sense of the end-of-the-world... or whatever that means.

An unapologetic Harold Camping offers yet another prediction
by Timothy Dalrymple

The many Mitts
Tax cutter or big spender? Friend or foe of small business? For or against universal health coverage? Massachusetts conservatives debate the legacy of former governor and lead GOP presidential contender Mitt Romney
by Jamie Dean

This is just a little video I thought was kinda cute.  :)  Don't get me wrong, I respect and pray for our President of this country and his family, but I also appreciate a bit of humorous irony.

A few more YouTube links:

Obama Muslim -

Obama and the Bible -

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Wheres the other half?!

Ever go to the mall, conveniences store, thrift shop, clothing boutique, or anything else that sells a fabric-based item meant for wearing?  Yeah, me too.  I prefer thrift shops and sometimes Wal-Mart... if they have a 90% off sale.  Everyone can probably relate to this :).  How about another question:  How many of you ever wonder who came in before you with the scissors and demolished everything vital covering, essential for the title "clothing"? 

"Hmm... is that a dress or a belly shirt?"
"I didn't know it was legal for guys to de-pants themselves by simply letting go of their belt when they walk."
"Can I get half off for this half-pair of shorts?"
"Oh [don't] look... she forgot the middle part of her swimsuit."

"I wonder why the underwear in the winter clothing section."

Ever find it nearly impossible to buy clothing that is somewhere inbetween undies and a paper sack?  It seems those are the two options in this culture.  I find that buying pillow cases and huge pants at the local thrift shop to cut-and-sew something appropriate is easier than paying for the finished product.  Anyone agree?

Thursday, July 7, 2011

10 days of modest II

The Chic Business Attire

If you've been following my blog, you have probably seen my 10 Days of Modest with Valary-Mac.  10 random days, I will take a picture of a cute and modest outfit in my closet, and explain what makes it modest and cute, and how you can do so too.

And now, for the deep, bright sapphire blue and classy black business attire that shouts "sharp and stylin'"!

As you can see, this is a crinkly
material that may need to be ironed
after each wear.  The flowing look
of a little bit of a baggy blouse can
look great when pared with a
belt, and a slimming black pencil
skirt and shimmery accessories.
My camera used flash on this, so
it looks a lot lighter than its actual
hue.  You may need to wear a white
shirt underneath this one, if its too
low for you.

Ah - the classic pencil skirt that
will add femininity to any out-
fit, any time.  This plain black
one is fitted, but not too tight,
with a simple zipper clasp in
the back, and small belt-top.

Add a wide black leather belt around
the waist to bring the whole look
together.  Don't make it too tight -
you don't want to look suffocated,
but comfortable and cool - but not
too loose, as it could look sloppy.

These "gladiator style" shoes
are all in now.  These shoes
may be a bit too casual, so
perhaps don some cute black
high heels, depending on
what occasion your dressing

Just thought I'd include a close-up of
the belt head because I think its really
cute and goes very well with the out-
fit.  :)
Now that we have the clothing taken care of, lets think about your whole look.  Being modest is not being slovenly bonnet-wearing babies, but elegant and beautiful young ladies.  Do your hair all up in a french twist, Sarah Palin style, with tiny blue "sapphire" earrings, and a perhaps dainty silver bangles around your wrists; matte, or shimmery skin-tone lip-stick and black feather lashes with a thin line of dark blue eye liner really makes it pretty.

Friday, July 1, 2011

More lost-n-found artwork

 The Lonely Crowd  by Valary-Mac

Ever been lonely in a crowd?

A father with his child.  The image brings tenderness to the scene.  A picture of God's tender dealings with us, no matter what lonesome circumstance we find ourselves in.  We look at all the other wandering souls in this picture, and think "The child upon her father's shoulders is in good hands - if only she could stay that way and not reject his counsel.  "Yet all of us have gone astray; each one of us to our own way.  And the Lord has laid on Him the iniquity [sin; wrongdoings] of us all."  We have a choice to accept or reject Him.

There is a reason I put 3 generations next to each other. The elderly man, the 20-something with the pregnant belly.  As humans, we are all related, like it or not.  We cannot fane independence as a detached individualist.  What we do, and what others do, effect us all.

The woman with dark shades is cool and unworried in demeanor.  The boy with his eyes open is distraught.  We put on many world-views in this world, but there is only one world.  Everyone is entitled to their own view on things, but one is right - not all.  When we take off the glasses, we may be in for a rude shock that brings us desperate to the foot of the cross.

This is me.  Its not a very good self portrait, but I am familiar with myself as I recognize my favorite jacket at the time of me drawing this, my usual hair style, and large messenger bag I would keep my sketch pads and such in.  Who would you be if this were you here?  Insert yourself.  Who are you?  You are in this picture too.

I wanted to show that all of humanity, from every tribe, tough, and nation, are equal and share this earth, despite our wars and treaties for land and power.  The Bible says that in the End Day all will bow before Him.  No one is except, even "those who pierced Him", or even those who are not still alive.

What do you see when you look at this picture here?  I see many things, but the thing that catches my eye is the elderly lady in the cardigan, leaning fraily on her walker.  Even in my unfeeling, completely nonemotional state when I drew the picture, my heart went out to her.  I wanted to know her; to talk to her; to help her; to provide for her.  Alas, I cannot bring my canvas to life to do such, so I must pray, and find that person who needs those things from me in real life - in my life - perhaps even in my neighborhood.

10 days of modest

High top converse give an
edgy flare to most any out-
fit.  These converse were an
x-brand and cost me $10.
These could also very easily
be made into Christian
witness shoes by adding
a Bible reference below the
"Live Free" sign, such as
Romans 3:24, and many others
The Cute -n- Casual 'round-the-house look 
Some simple, somewhat
bedraggled jeans, with a
simple, adorable
character tee that can
be found pretty much any-
where for a few dollars.