Sunday, July 24, 2011

10 days of Modest III

The sunshine beach jam outfit

Just right under the coconut cabana sipping a mango juice spritzer at the ritzy open-air cafe'.

A high-belted skirt in
the modern summer
colors of 2011, with
just a few pleats is
sure to make you chill!

Adding some pop and
sizzle in a classic,
orthodox polo just
right for the sun.

Reminiscent of the "Gladiator style"
sandals with some brown hemp
straps and crunchy-lookin' elastic
hiking bands, make you look like the
now popular yogurt slurpin', carrot
gardening fashionista you may be.

Or, if the beach mall is
your destination, try
these smokin' heels.
"All tied up" gives your
feet that "little dolly"
look that goes great
with modern skirts.

To go with your cloudy pastel
skirt, get some fringe-beaded
jewelry that may be just a little
chunky.  Trendy and patriotic
with the Native-American look.

As for hair accessories, try a small sports headband with a large white fabric flower to one side to top it all off.

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