Thursday, July 7, 2011

10 days of modest II

The Chic Business Attire

If you've been following my blog, you have probably seen my 10 Days of Modest with Valary-Mac.  10 random days, I will take a picture of a cute and modest outfit in my closet, and explain what makes it modest and cute, and how you can do so too.

And now, for the deep, bright sapphire blue and classy black business attire that shouts "sharp and stylin'"!

As you can see, this is a crinkly
material that may need to be ironed
after each wear.  The flowing look
of a little bit of a baggy blouse can
look great when pared with a
belt, and a slimming black pencil
skirt and shimmery accessories.
My camera used flash on this, so
it looks a lot lighter than its actual
hue.  You may need to wear a white
shirt underneath this one, if its too
low for you.

Ah - the classic pencil skirt that
will add femininity to any out-
fit, any time.  This plain black
one is fitted, but not too tight,
with a simple zipper clasp in
the back, and small belt-top.

Add a wide black leather belt around
the waist to bring the whole look
together.  Don't make it too tight -
you don't want to look suffocated,
but comfortable and cool - but not
too loose, as it could look sloppy.

These "gladiator style" shoes
are all in now.  These shoes
may be a bit too casual, so
perhaps don some cute black
high heels, depending on
what occasion your dressing

Just thought I'd include a close-up of
the belt head because I think its really
cute and goes very well with the out-
fit.  :)
Now that we have the clothing taken care of, lets think about your whole look.  Being modest is not being slovenly bonnet-wearing babies, but elegant and beautiful young ladies.  Do your hair all up in a french twist, Sarah Palin style, with tiny blue "sapphire" earrings, and a perhaps dainty silver bangles around your wrists; matte, or shimmery skin-tone lip-stick and black feather lashes with a thin line of dark blue eye liner really makes it pretty.

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