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A friendly political chat

Isn't it funny how Bush was monitored for every penny gas prices went up (though it just didn't count when it went down), but now that Mr. Obama saved us from the bogey man, only a few (or the few we actually hear about) talk about the rocketing black-gold economy.  Well, he has special friends in the oil-producing countries  (Alaska doesn't count either) so that makes it better, huh?
I find that hilarious... in a way.  I have a wry, dry, sarcastic sense of humor sometimes.
That's why I get a kick out of the news channel.  And that's also why I hardly ever, ever watch it.  Repetitive exposure to such channels can be hazardous to health and mood. 
I prefer the morning paper, looking up campaigning adds on YouTube, and certain magazines like World magazine, which I'll talk more about later.

News report by Valary-Mac <><

A small state far north, braving harsh winters and odd, sweltering summers becomes a spectacle of political unrest, some of which heard 'round the country.  Wisconsin, other than being known as the dairy state whose role in dairy product and export has now been passed up by sunny California, and now is the state with the number of most bars, has a new claim to fame.  Starting with the Scott Walker debut on union rights (more on that little torpedo in a different post), and now the Clark/Olsen war.  But, hitting a note on the "Walker uprising", I simply must make a tune out of it.  Its more than likely that you've heard of the recent fling in Madison, Wisconsin's state capitol.  Rants and rages, threats and mobs, and... sleeping bags and crock pots?... right inside the capitol building under the great dome of justice?!  For just days short of a week, protesters were allowed to live in the capitol building, causing much damage to the property, and much distress with violence and alleged death threats to the opposite party.  I think that was enough to get a few key people's attention (More on that later), and forced them to reconsider the bill.
The thing is, a very, very, Very small percentage of the public took part in the protest, but enough indignant citizens did to make it look huge, and enough people screamed to make it sound like the national uprising of the decade.  But, in reality, a small percentage of the public even voted against Walker's plan.
My grandma always said "The squeaky wheel gets the grease".  Even if your one in a million, make enough ruckus and you'll get more attention than a hundred quiet men.  As we proceed with the subject at hand, lets keep our eyes out for real majorities, or just a red radio-flyer with rusting axles.
Fred Clark vs. Senator Luther Olsen has been raging.  The biggest debate -- aside from statistics and promises -- is the life-value debate.
Much undeniable evidence on Clark's extreme bias on pro-abortion-ism can be stated without any objection to it's truth.
Fred Clark

  • He is endorsed by Planned Parenthood, many state's primary and leading provider of abortion services.
  • As an assemblyman, Fred Clark voted to send state funds to UW facilities that perform late-term abortions. (vote on 6-8-2009)
  • He also voted to allow pro-abortion organizations like Planned Parenthood to enter the schools and provide education on human growth and development. (vote on 11-5-2009 and 1-28-2010)
This information, along with others, was provided by a Right to Life flyer, not funded by Olsen. 
A political flyer funded by Clark told of the life-value woes done by Senator Olsen, describing Olsen as a neglector of senior citizens, and greedy for money.  Say Luther Olsen would end social care for seniors as we know it, by refunding medicare greatly.  (Notice "greatly" is a rather relative term in the world of campaigning).  Now exactly what is he gonna do with all that government money now that it's being snatched away from helpless Wisconsinites?  Hmm... perhaps work on our dept problem instead of sending gobs of moola to kill off the well fare-suckers Clark says he cares so much about. (Ouch!)
Numbers and words are all very find in their places, but words are cheap, and numbers need to be made sense of.  (I wonder just who in DC is making sense - or cents - out our multi-trillion dollar plus, and ever growing like our dept ceiling, that we have been so gleefully borrowing?).

Senator Luther Olsen

But when we have made sense of our statistics and percentages, and our words have been placed just so as to create value, we just may be on to something.  And if so, we better listen, or we just may be hurled unsuspectingly into the blinding abyss of political correctness.  Now lets talk-

Fred Clark unashamedly and strongly supports undeniable murder of young-ones who cannot speak up for themselves in any way, but "supports" the elderly, who you better believe can get things cookin' if rejected.  Senator Olsen protects the nameless and voiceless to "his shame" by the majority of the loudmouths protesting, but has a different plan for taking care of our valued senior citizens - for indeed they are.
A few flaws with medicare(keeping in mind that no system is perfect)
  • Not everyone even qualifies for medicare
  • Medicare doesn't cover all costs of all medication
  • Medicare keeps it's users on their drugs (which is, most definitely, what medications are) until they die, instead of advising and guiding them in healthy lifestyles.
Ending medicare as we know it isn't ending it at all, but simply changing it - perhaps for the better.  Lets take a look...

I work in a health food and supplement store, and I talk with many elderly persons who are on medicare.

  In addition to paying a percentage, however small, for their drugs with medicare, they still need more "stuff".  Cinnamon and CoQ10 for heart health when their headache medication gives them palpitations and high blood pressure;  Fish oil, cayenne, and Burdock for varicose veins and proper circulation impaired by their heart medications; tea tree oil and L-lysine for mouth sores come by through sleeping medication;  probiotics and Swedish bitters for poor digestion and acid reflux caused by other drugs, and ginseng and healthy foods for energy when anti-depression drugs leave them in the dust, physically.
They are still paying a good amount more, sometimes hundreds, on some things strictly because of their drug side-effects.  Surely there has to be a better way.  Surely there must be relatives somewhere that can get them their multi-vitamins, fish oils natural heart health, and probiotics at the local health food store, where senior discounts are usually in store because of their genuine appreciation of the generation who raised their moms and dads, who fought for their basic freedom, and who gave them the head start to what they needed for a successful life.  Or are those who are closest to them the most selfish?  Do they simply need to ask for help?  Do they figure that since they are paying taxes too, the government should take full care of their grandmas, grandpas, great uncles and aunts? 
I have an idea!  Lets actually listen to what Olsen is proposing for his new plan.  Believe me, he isn't neglecting those with a voice, to just take care of those without one.

This is Valary-Mac with your latest political storm forecast.  If heading out this week, pack sunglasses to shield your eyes fro the endless rows of contradicting yard signs, and plenty of sunscreen, as rays of unrest and complete bias are literally taking the nation by the scads.  Make sure to check the ingredients list thoroughly before taking a big bite out of the latest juicy news-stand.

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This is just a little video I thought was kinda cute.  :)  Don't get me wrong, I respect and pray for our President of this country and his family, but I also appreciate a bit of humorous irony.

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