Sunday, July 24, 2011

Modest Models by Valary-Mac

Bamboo and poppies
Floral dresses are popular now!
Giving a rustic, rough-hewn flare
with browns, hemps and wood-
en jewelry and accessories gives
just the right balance
 Never before seen, hot-of-the-press new looks for 2011 by Valary-Mac

Cat in the Hat
Styles repeat themselves
every few decades, and the
retro colors and stripes have
made their come-back. Easy
to slip on over a swimsuit,
with comfortable, laid back
sweats, this screams cool
and comfy.


Chia tea with rose
School girl with a bit of edge,
the bright but sweet button-up
under a "drab"sweater is good
for the dorm room to class
commute with trendy feather
earrings and hair piece, with a cute
mixture of style and color.

Grey decor'
Class never goes out of style -
but it can sway with the ages a
bit.  A multi-stone necklace and
chained belt with strappy black
sandals and embroidered felt
gauchos.  Sure to be a favorite!

Peacock's tail
I admit, its hard to draw tie-die
on the computer.  But that's what
its supposed to be, and if it turned
out, it would go hand-in-hand with
the "nature girl" look raging
among the cute and crunchy gals.

Hat Master
"Sailor shorts" and a
engineer cap mixes quite
well with a pair of lemon
yellow heels and a
commandingly petalled
cadette blue/periwinkle top.

Mandarin Kiwi
The beach-worthy maxi-
dress in a stunning brazen
orange seems to be the color
of the year, in a longer dress
than I always love wearing,
and very natural, "woody"
accessories and a nicely
contrasting headscarf.

Catching rays
With the big baggy shoulder-
purse, the wide horizontal
strips go just right with the
summer pastel skirt. Pop culture
and some more tame

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