Friday, July 1, 2011

More lost-n-found artwork

 The Lonely Crowd  by Valary-Mac

Ever been lonely in a crowd?

A father with his child.  The image brings tenderness to the scene.  A picture of God's tender dealings with us, no matter what lonesome circumstance we find ourselves in.  We look at all the other wandering souls in this picture, and think "The child upon her father's shoulders is in good hands - if only she could stay that way and not reject his counsel.  "Yet all of us have gone astray; each one of us to our own way.  And the Lord has laid on Him the iniquity [sin; wrongdoings] of us all."  We have a choice to accept or reject Him.

There is a reason I put 3 generations next to each other. The elderly man, the 20-something with the pregnant belly.  As humans, we are all related, like it or not.  We cannot fane independence as a detached individualist.  What we do, and what others do, effect us all.

The woman with dark shades is cool and unworried in demeanor.  The boy with his eyes open is distraught.  We put on many world-views in this world, but there is only one world.  Everyone is entitled to their own view on things, but one is right - not all.  When we take off the glasses, we may be in for a rude shock that brings us desperate to the foot of the cross.

This is me.  Its not a very good self portrait, but I am familiar with myself as I recognize my favorite jacket at the time of me drawing this, my usual hair style, and large messenger bag I would keep my sketch pads and such in.  Who would you be if this were you here?  Insert yourself.  Who are you?  You are in this picture too.

I wanted to show that all of humanity, from every tribe, tough, and nation, are equal and share this earth, despite our wars and treaties for land and power.  The Bible says that in the End Day all will bow before Him.  No one is except, even "those who pierced Him", or even those who are not still alive.

What do you see when you look at this picture here?  I see many things, but the thing that catches my eye is the elderly lady in the cardigan, leaning fraily on her walker.  Even in my unfeeling, completely nonemotional state when I drew the picture, my heart went out to her.  I wanted to know her; to talk to her; to help her; to provide for her.  Alas, I cannot bring my canvas to life to do such, so I must pray, and find that person who needs those things from me in real life - in my life - perhaps even in my neighborhood.

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