Friday, July 15, 2011

Song by me, This Life

You may be able to tell from reading my song lyrics that I try and pick the most controversial, and sneaky, culturally accepted beliefs and make a truthful song about it.  Lets see what lie I'm pickin' on this time... 
This one is about life itself.  Doesn't it make sense that the devil would go for fouling the very foundation of, well, life.  The lie: This life is whatever you want it to be, so make sure your doing what you want.  The truth: Life is a gift from God.  Fulfilling it is only doing what God intended for it.

This Life, song by Valary-Mac (my pen name) <><

Verse 1:
Well, everybodie's saying that it's my life, my life
And to do it for me, and to treat myself right
How many times have I heard I am my spotlight, spotlight
To follow my heart, and to push my own rights... well I...

I'm sorry I won't apologize
This really isn't my life
This really isn't my time to just feel right
and follow my own heart
'Cuz its been given away
More like bought with a prise
I have been given new eyes
And they belong to my God
Every good work in me is His
And every wrong one is mine
Because this life isn't mine, mine

Verse 2:
Have you seen it on TV with your own eyes, own eyes
'Cuz most everything on there is a big fat lie
With self-esteem down we've gotta pump it high, pump high
And justify anything with "its your life"... well, my life...

Verse 3:
To the system of the world I'm saying by-by, by-by
You have heard it by now, that it isn't my life
If you want that same thing lift your hands up high, high
And tell my God that you accept His Son that died

True meaning isn't found in me, myself and I
To truly life, our old selves have to die
If you wanna get a life that gives Him glory
Open up to da Book, and read 1 Cor 6:19-20

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