Sunday, July 10, 2011

Wheres the other half?!

Ever go to the mall, conveniences store, thrift shop, clothing boutique, or anything else that sells a fabric-based item meant for wearing?  Yeah, me too.  I prefer thrift shops and sometimes Wal-Mart... if they have a 90% off sale.  Everyone can probably relate to this :).  How about another question:  How many of you ever wonder who came in before you with the scissors and demolished everything vital covering, essential for the title "clothing"? 

"Hmm... is that a dress or a belly shirt?"
"I didn't know it was legal for guys to de-pants themselves by simply letting go of their belt when they walk."
"Can I get half off for this half-pair of shorts?"
"Oh [don't] look... she forgot the middle part of her swimsuit."

"I wonder why the underwear in the winter clothing section."

Ever find it nearly impossible to buy clothing that is somewhere inbetween undies and a paper sack?  It seems those are the two options in this culture.  I find that buying pillow cases and huge pants at the local thrift shop to cut-and-sew something appropriate is easier than paying for the finished product.  Anyone agree?

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