Sunday, July 24, 2011

Yup, its Valary-Mac

When your as odd and diverse as I am, some people get the wrong idea of you. 
I tend to be very independent, and I also seem to have a build-in sense of automatic service.  So I hold the door open for a guy, I shoo them away when they seek to help me carry something heavy, and when I have no interest in them, or make an occasional joke, people might think, "Is she a feminist?". No!
I am quite bored by girls who scream at mice and bugs, break into a sweat when moving chairs from one end of the room to another, or think that football is a barbaric sport.  When I climb trees, and roll my eyes at a mud puddle so many would avoid, or attempt to playfully wrestle down little three-year-olds I'm babysitting, and don't cringe when they play sword-fights with Styrofoam tubes.  Is she a tomboy?  Well, yes and no.  You see, I'm a little weird.  (Yeah, I know, everybody is weird, please Valary-Mac, say something at least a little profound.)  Sometimes I feel like broccoli ice cream.  But you know, I sorta like it. 
What about health? 
You may know I'm weird there too.  Go down a few months back to the posts "that stuff I like", and take a look at my green-love.  I enjoy exercise, yet am no athletic, am strong, but don't look like it, and also make and bake ridiculously healthy things. 
I know the importance of that "inner peace", but know it only comes from God.  I'm not a yogurt-slurpin' yoga into the "oneness of the universe" or anything.  I'd much rather be one with the Maker of the universe, if you know what I mean.
Then how I dress.
One Sunday, I may wear a pretty white dress with a shimmery shawl.  The next, perhaps a stripedy shirt with a skirt, leggings, and leg warmers.  Then when I get home, I'll change into baggy basketball shorts and a t-
shirt.  Maybe I'll go to work in gauchos and a logo shirt with cute converse shoes.
Does wearing a long tunic and a rainbow headband make me a hippie?  Or high heels and dresses a girly-girl? Not me. I may go for months without painting my nails, then give myself a manicure two days in a row.
Shifting characters? Umm... no - its just me.
Party-pooper/the clown:
Interesting combo there. As I said earlier, I tend to be very independent.  I stand alone and enjoy myself, by myself with, myself. You would think, "She is either a snob, an insecure teen, or some other fill-in-the-blank." 
Then, the next day, you see me singing in the rain, putting my co-workers in stitches, conversing with strangers, or laughing uproariously with my friends.
Who is this person?  What is she?  Is that... you?  Yup, its Valary-Mac, and God bless ya!

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