Wednesday, August 31, 2011

10 days of modest - VII

An adorable character
T with a simple
adornment in the
center.  Notice that
the grey in the ele-
phant matches the
grey in the camo
 10 days of modest VII with Valary-Mac <>< - Camo Cute 
Paring a tough, rough camo
with cutesy pink can be a
bingo.  Every girl should
show that shes a fighter -
a fighter for the right.
Plus it looks good, too. :)

Just to tie it all together,
pink flip-flops.  The
rhinestones bring that
touch of femininity
and "glam" to the camo

YouTube Telephone game - Rhett and Link

Too funny!

Picks of the month - September

Picks of the month for September already!  I'm pulling out my boots and sweaters.

"Good" books with a problem - the big deal about Christian romance
NEW PAGE - just Valary-Mac - more about me
The woman I aspire to be - part I - my dream and passion
Attention homeschool sceptics - proof it really does work... really good!
Great mom's day videos - some humor and honor for a special lady
Girls, guys, and what I think - brothers in Christ or just cute guys?
Collections - cute modest models in your style

Comment below to tell me what you do and don't like.  Your input can determine what everyone sees in the Picks of the Month October!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Blog redone!!!

Totally renamed my blog from the boring and somewhat perplexing title of "Whoseakid" to the equally odd, but more charismatic "Flipflops and Rainboots".  What do you think?!!!?!!!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

10 days of modest - VI

Dressy, strait-leg capris in a matte brown go with many
things, and tend to be a good "tamer" for a more
"out there" top

 - 10 days of modest - Sassy Natural Chic 

American Eagle has some hot
stuff, no doubt.  But why pay
full price?  I got these for $4
at a thrift shop, and they go
with any natural-looking out-

A little bit of sparkle in the
hair always gives a good
touch with a brown base-
ed outfit and a busy, fun
top.  I love the butterfly-
bow look with the bead-
ing.  Wear a funky pony-
tail for just the right look.

This sleeveless top reminds me
of watercolors in the rain.  A
high neck line ensures no cleav-
age shows, and the "ruffle" at
the bottom gives a feminine
touch to this fun and crazy top.

All-time high viewing! Thanks

978 blog-views so far this month and more coming.  Thank you so much you blog-viewers!  I asked for more than last month (click here), and I've gotten it. 

"Good" books with a problem

Ever wonder why good Christian girls are still so hung up on getting guys?  Or can't understand how young girls get exposed to such things at such an early age?  Many of the ol' classics we give them to read to "educate them" are filled with it.  The things they see on TV as lighthearted and mild wreak of it.  And the "good christian books" with "good christian morals" we try to supplement into their minds as a sort of antidote against this sex-saturated world may even be worse -- in a way.  Have you ever heard the saying "a little rat-poison in the cheese"?  It's easier to take something true with just a little "fib" in it, than go for the lie hook, line, and sinker.  But, keep adding it in, little by little, and you'll get the whole fishing pole down your throat before you realize what's happened.

I do think that, content-wise - what is and isn't said - christian romance novels are better than the quote-on-quote "non-christian" romance novels.

"So," your wondering, "whats so bad with Christian romance novels?" 
(Besides the fact that some are just poorly written and unbelievable, and besides fact that Valary-Mac can't stand any of them? :)

Where they may be so much better than others of their genre at Barns and Nobels, the fact that they are "christian/religious", makes them now branded super-safe and guaranteed squeaky-clean where nothing could ever be objectionable.  Presuppositions such as these are never good.
Most even sceptical readers may focus on what isn't in the book much more than what is. 
Even Christian books can play on emotions that are best kept at a safe "observing" distance than glorified and branded holy. 
 Romance novels, whether they glorify God or otherwise, are way too easily taken just for what it is - romance - and that goes crazy in a romance saturated head.  Most every girl can attest to that.

Also, it's interesting when you just stop and look at the author.  Many are simply just old spinsters; helpless romantics.  Jane Austen, though brilliant, confident, smart, and an esteemed weaver of intricate and multi-dimensional sagas of historical and whimsical England, never married.  Old, hopeless romantics.  Spinsters who apparently found their calling in writing, but perhaps never experienced any of their own tales.  Perhaps much of it is simply wishful thinking, written in such good form that it seems just so real, but isn't.  Don't get me wrong, she is one of the most amazing female writers of that era, indisputably. 
(Plus, why would you want to live back then.  Check out the hairstyles from 1700s picture below.  Yikes!)

And another thing - Amish fiction and romance:

Though obviously authors such as Karen Kingsbury and Beverly Lewis research hard to make their Amish-country stories close-to-home, I am quite certain that the Amish themselves would not appreciate fiction and romance about them, especially how most of them are.  I don't think much more needs to be said.

So, Valary-Mac, this is just a book-rant from your extreme genre-bias.  What about what others think?

The powers of observation has proved themselves strong.  I always like to get several sides to a subject before forming my "unshatterable" opinion ;) .  The women I have spoke with about it have given some great insight. 
"Even acclaimed christian romance fiction that I read has a negative affect on me," said one.  "When I was single, it made me dwell too much on men; much more than what is healthy as a christian.  When I married, I thought me problems were over.  But romance novels made me feel discontent with my husband."
That seems to ring true with many.  Most women are just like that!

So next time you feel like a Jannette Oke junkie, trace your eyes and heart to the LORD, your one true love.

NOTE:  I don't want to to think I'm bashing any of the authors mentioned.  I'm just being... descriptive.  I'm sure they are wonderful ladies.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Is "high" fat hazerdous to health?!!

You may have heard - fish oil is good for you - wait... no its not.  What about olive oil and coconut oil, that's great - oh yeah, not that either.  You should eat less grains - actually no eat more.  What is there to believe?!
For evidence and logic based examination of the facts, checkout this expert from "Mark's daily apple", and click on this link to check out the whole article.

"...When fear-inducing news headlines hit the papers (and airwaves and iPads…) -  High-Fat Diet Linked to Breast Cancer, Eating Whole Grains Will Help You Live Longer, Fish Oil Linked to Prostate Cancer..."

What do you think?

Mark's Daily Apple - primal living in a modern world , is a wonderful resource in today's conflicting health reports.  I would not recommend my blog readers to trust all, as his primary reason for his belief that man evolved over a long period of time, and that we have evolved into an ignorant generation, and going back to the way of eating and living a million years or so ago would be best.  I believe that God created food on this earth for our benefit, and we should eat it as-is, and not genetically modified, boiled-down, mass-produced, stripped down, and "second-hand".  Keep this in mind while gleaning from Mark's wealth of information he is so kind to provide.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

NEW PAGE - just Valary-Mac

Go check out my new page.  I'll continue filling it up with things I like to do.

Song by me - Story of the World

No matter what one believes, the story of the world comes down to them: What will they do about it? I wanted to write a song that looks at the big picture, but still truthfully relates to them in a very personal one-on-one-with-Jesus sort of way. I hope you enjoy this (long) song.

Story of the world by Valary-Mac

Verse I:
Nearly the end of the concert
and I can tell your getting bored
Perhaps I can bring you back in
with the story of the world
Now, I'm sure, that you've heard
lots of crazy tales
Of how amazing human beings
came by evolving out of whales
But, you, know, I just think
I have found something better-
With the Bible's version here

In the beginning there was God as He is
and always will be
But the devil took us captive by our
own selfish plea
God, in His holiness, said there
must be a way
To redeem our children back
or they must be done away...
And now it comes to you
In the story of the world

Verse II:
God was complete in Himself
before time and matter
His Spirit was hovering
over formless water
Though He never needed anything
beyond His own Trinity
He formed you in His mind
And He planned us out lovingly
Before anything existed He mapped out-
The story of the world


Verse III:
1,2,3,4,5,6 days
He took
Making all we needed in that
perfect garden nook
But though everything was lovely
and God communed with them
Adam and his dear wife Eve
disobeyed and were condemned
They were separated from Him but not His love-
And knew the promised One would come

Many years went by
But men could not reach the light
There were sacrifices made
But perfect blood was needed if
the price was to be paid

Verse IV:
All you young girls
imagine this
Going about your household chores
an angel pays a visit
He says "You have pleased the LORD,
and though you are a virgin,
You will bear God's Son who, in turn
will bear the whole world's burden".
"Oh LORD how can this be?"
Oh, Father please use me!


For days, and months, and years, then 5,
then 10, to 1,000, times 4 will be just
fine - since the beginning of the world
and God picked Mary out of time

Verse V:
Jesus was not born in a palace
and He did not wear a crown
He was despised, rejected hated
and His own friends let Him down
Though He never sinned and told
of His Father's way
No one seemed to understand
that He would be the lamb to slay

He was beat, and scorned
and flogged, and torn
And all for love
With blood adorned-
He carried His cross to the place of the scull
And there He was punished for the sins of all

Verse VI:
He was pierced in His side and
fulfilled all the prophesy
And all I must do is
believe what He's done for me
But the story ain't over
where the dead Jesus lay
Three days in Hades
then to life Jesus came!
You have a choice now
what will you choose?

Chorus II:
In the beginning there was God as He is
and always will be
And we are no longer captives
if we only believe
So here it comes to you
There is something you must choose
You can accept or reject
Jesus paying for you dept
And not this concludes so far...
The story of the world!

(very ending:)
For days, and months, and years, then 5
then 10, to 1,000, times 6, will be just
fine - since the beginning of this story -
still God picked you out of time

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wild, relentless Love

Ever wonder if God really loves you?  Ever wonder how much?  If He is more furry than affection?  Why did He make you?  Does God even understand overwhelming passion and wild love?  What cannot be said in words is often made into song... listen to these.

O, how He loves - DavidCrowderBand

We are His portion and we are His prize.  How amazing!!!
Nothing on earth can compare to this love.  Who other deserves our love first?  There is none. 
I challenge you to read your Bible and pray, and just see if you cannot fall desperately in love with Him.

Won't turn back - Needtobreathe

You can start to feel the crazy love portrayed in this song.  I cannot help but think that Jesus may have had the same thoughts as the sailor and soldier in this song.  When He was on the cross in uncharted and unprecedented pain and anguish and torture, can you imagine Him suffering the words from His bloody lips "I won't turn back!  All I can hear is the cry of my loved ones!  I cannot turn back!"

Let us love - Needtobreathe

Detect the utter joy and freedom in this song?  This joy and freedom is ours!!!  What more could we ask for with a God who loves you this much and more!

If you have ever been a father,
you may be able to somewhat
grasp the passionate protect-
ion God has for us in all His
grand power and furry.

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Monday, August 22, 2011

Blogger problems

Some of you have commented!  Thanks!  So sorry you couldn't comment on my blog, though.  Yes, thank you for seeking me out at church and such and saying,
"Um, I've been trying to comment on your blog, but it doesn't really work."
Yeah, blogger is having a little trouble.  Perhaps you've noticed that whenever my mom comments, its under my name and profile.  That's the only way she can do it.

I have also tried making the "reactions" beneath each post a bit more descriptive, but they don't save. 
Hows this?   Funny :D, Interesting :/Cool ;), Sad :'(More on this { :-)

If you like them, please comment ;P  (You dont have to if you can't, silly!)

Praise God with the dance - Amazing!

I don't know what song this is, but I've read the comments on YouTube, and it seems OK.  Anyway, this is a Christian group doing an amazing job praising God with the dance. 

Ecclesiastes 3:4

"a time to weep and a time to laugh, a time to mourn and a time to dance."

Jeremiah 31:4

"I will build you up again and you will be rebuilt, O Virgin Israel. Again you will take up your tambourines and go out to dance with the joyful."

Thursday, August 18, 2011

The woman I aspire to be - Part 1

Proverbs 31:27 christian wallpaper, christian background
To get this as a wallpaper for your
computer, visit this link:

A woman of God
The first few verses in Proverbs 31 talk about who that woman is, and the next several speak of what she does.  Then the next ones on what her reward is, then lastly why.

Remember!  Relationships here on earth are not meant to simply "fulfil" our own desires, but to point us to the One who actually can.  Who we were made by and for.
Marriage is meant only as a beautiful picture of our marriage with Christ, when we become one with Him in holiness.  Keep in mind that importance when looking at the woman I so aspire to be, and perhaps you do too.

Proverbs 31:10-14

vs 10a   "A wife of nobel character, who can find?..."

  Nobel -- of royal lineage.  I am a precious daughter of the King of kings.  I pray my character is as such!
A wise woman I deeply respect, and the wife of a former pastor, once slipped a little note/poem in our family "mailbox" at church.  It read:
"A woman's heart should be so hidden in Christ that a man would have to seek Him in order to find her."
I wish so much to be hidden in Christ and sooo in love with Him that any other would have to do the same to discover me. 

vs 10b   "...She is worth far more than rubies."

  My identity is in Christ, and that is why I am valuable.  I find my value in no one else, and no thing else.  That is who I am!

vs 11a   "Her husband has full confidence in her..."

  I must start building up that complete honesty and integrity right now!  Can other people find full confidence in me?  In another sense, this also refers to "telling all".  No secrets from the hubby!  She has nothing to hide.

vs 11b   "...and lacks nothing of value."

  Do I have all means of value to give to him?  I know that for this I must not rely on my own strength and resources.  I, in myself, have extremely little of value to give.  But in Christ, I am so rich!   That is the value I will give to others.  I must acquire that value now, including selflessness now so that I can give all good things to others.

vs 12   "She brings him good, not harm, all the days of her life."

  All the days of my life doesn't begin when I get married, or even in a dating relationship.  It begins the day I am born.  The best way to do your husband good all the days of your life is to faithfully serve God from the beginning.  Even if your body is physically pure for your groom, its the thoughts of the mind that can really get us in that way, isn't it?!  I just say-
"If my mind is centered on God all the time (Philippians 4:8 and Romans 13:14), when in the world would I have time to fantasies about boys?!" 
[Also see "Thinking of him - the heart of the matter"]

vs 13   "She selects wool and flax, and works with eager hands."

  Wool and flax are of which the fibers come to make clothing.  She makes clothing for her family!  I only learned to sew a short time ago, but I'm learning more and more just by myself, in my aspiration to be able to save money for my family, and provide them with what they need.

vs 14   "She is like a merchant ship, bringing in food from afar."

  I'll be using this great example from my dear Proverbs 31 mother.
Before an Aldi came to our town, which is probably the least-expensive place to buy food, once monthly she would make out a nourishing menu and food plan.  For the whole next month.  Many meals, if not most, she would make from scratch, so it took extra planning.  Then with her carefully critiqued list she would drive the long way, calculating gas millage - weighting the pros and cons - and load up the shopping carts.  Now that is quite a merchant ship!  Thanks mom!

A little note:  Even if I never get married, I shall still be content.  I do believe that God has given me the gifts to be a wife and mother, but whatever He has in mind is what I want.  All of these qualities I have listed so far would do me well and bring glory to God.  Even if I never married.  Such qualities as integrity, hospitality, purity, good work ethic, and so many more, are all bright lights in a dark world that shine for God's glorification.

Go over these for a while and pray about them.  Then comment if you wish.  I'll be going over all of Proverbs 31, so stay tuned.
To be continued...

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

B is for Bad plan

A really bad plan

  "Pregnancy is not a disease, and children are not a "health problem" -- they are the next generation of Americans"
- Cardinal Daniel N. Dinardo

Mr. Dinardo says it right. The Bible says it better in Exodus 20:13, Deuteronomy 5:17, 1 John 3:12, James 5:6, 2 Samuel 16:8, and James 2:11. True care for the people of America does not mean providing them with murderous medication through their insurance without a co-pay and no required parental knowledge of this "plan-B" usage.  Mandated by HHS.

The Facts:

First of all, God's law and America's states that murder is evil and illegal.  (It's good to look at both laws sometimes, for some will only listen to the one or other).
Before it was a well-known fact to the general public that undeniably, science proves abortion at any time in any form in any stage actually did kill a real human being, people put it off as some religious fanatic thing that abortion was wrong.
Now no doctor, nurse, scientist nor any person educated in the subject at all can honesty say that abortion is not murder.
Why is abortion (aka murder), then, not illegal???

What is Plan-B?

Plan- B is the "night-after" pill for "unprotected" sex. 
The Bible tells that life begins at conception, and now science is finally catching up, and proving it for those who want to wait for mankind to prove It correct and fully reliable in all areas.
Plan-B dislodges the living-human embryo from the uterus and flushes it out.  Cutting it off from all nurture and thus killing it.  Or, should I say, him or her.  It's a murder pill, available in prescription at Wal-mart with no co-pay.  Convenient murder, huh?

Plan-B is a bad plan!

There is forgiveness from the
God who really, truly loves
you so much He gave up Him-
self to death for you.

The good news? Forgiveness!  God forgives the sinners and gives them grace because of His Son Jesus' redeeming blood.  The adulterer, the one who has perhaps used a Plan-B or gone to an abortion clinic, can still find forgiveness.  Leaving their sinful ways with God's Almighty help, and using His strength to deal with the consequences of the life without Him.  God loves you so much, He wants for you to to make Him your #1-and-only-plan.  Because with Him there is absolutely no need for another  plan.  No Plan-B is necessary.

Luke 23:25 says that the night that Jesus was so brutally killed, he took the place of a murderer, and set him free as He, an innocent man, was murdered.  Thousands of years before God showed His face in this world through Jesus, He ordered King David, the man after His own heart, build a  city as refuge as described in Numbers 35:25 &28 as a stronghold against those wishing revenge against murderers.  As long as the high priest lived, they could not leave, or they could legally be avenged by the peoples.  The High Priest was the judge - the one who would condemn the sinner - and he was also the mediator between God and the people.  Interestingly enough, Jesus is the creator of the law (the judge of right and wrong), and also the mediator between God and all people on earth.  When He died on the cross, he took our punishment on Himself, as a completely innocent man, and because of what He did, our wrongdoings can be taken away, and because of Him, our mediator, we can be made right with God.  Our sins taken away.  Now that is how much He loves us!
To see what real forgiveness looks like, click on this link and read all about it.  God is waiting to hear from you!

Now take a look at what our plans are in light of God's eternity:
Proverbs 19:21
Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the LORD’s purpose that prevails.

A few music videos of songs that illustrate well this post.  Watch both!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Shins and toes

 Went for a hike today with my mom, sister, and two girlfriends of ours.  I was wearing some very comfortable flip-flops (I should have known better, and my mom did know better).  Kay was the first one to go down though.  Walking two-three miles around a beautifully scenic lake has it's down-sides -- you don't watch your feet very much.   While crossing the unused train-tracks on our path, Kay tripped (like I do all the time, so I must have rubbed off on her) but ker-smacked her shin on the rails.  Youch!  She made it all around the lake, but she limped, poor thing.  Then some creepy fly, or insect, or something, bit her on the other leg.  Good thing the plantain weed grows well here to stop swelling.
I was probably only a forth mile away from our van when my very comfortable flip-flop broke.  Ah well, rocks aren't all that bad, are they?  Not when they stick up in the path.  I gouged a good, deep, red flap of skin a good way down the front of my left big toe.  It didn't hurt, because by that time, the bottoms of my feet were being burned on the sun-baked parking lot.  That's OK.  We are all alive, and maybe ready for it again in a week or so... maybe.

Picks of the Month - August

Ever feel like you want to make a difference?  You can!  Your simple opinion can influence what all viewers see in October's picks of the month.  Comment bellow and tell me what post, sidebar feature, or page you like. 

Is it just me? - the woes of a blogger
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Monday, August 15, 2011

My American Girl Dolls

(left to right) Paris Melony and Valary Francis 

Both wearing homemade clothing, by their box-beds.  All
their clothing is stored in the boxes, and then their "sheets"
are layered over that, with tiny pillows and other decor'.

Suprising junk foods

The Veggie Burger

The 80's fad has effected us for a long time.  The modified vegetable products, low-fat, and vegetarianism are not as great as they once sounded.  Veggie burgers are most often lacking in protein, and higher in crabs from genetically engineered soy, corn, and grains, as well as highly processed vegetable oil containing trans-fats never intended for consumption.  More and more people are being found deficient in balanced amino acids, iron, and healthy protein, which real meat provides.


Usually low fat and extremely high in sugar from chemicalized beats, sugar-cane and corn syrup.  And most often artificially flavored, or fruit-on-the-bottom is more like pie filling.  There is nothing to balance the blood sugar spike, so your healthy little snack turns into a sugar rush.  Plus, not much of the calcium is actually available to be absorbed into the body.  The "light" yogurt still contains sugar, and is chock full of chemicals and sucrolose.

Dried Fruit/Juice

Though it is true that dried fruits and berries are a more concentrated source of vitamins and minerals than fresh, it is also up to 10x higher in sugar.  And if it's not organic, it can also contain up to 10x more chemicals, and minimal minerals.
When you get fruit juice, make sure it's absolutely, positively 100% juice.  Nothing more than ascorbic acid should come along with it.  With a mere 8 oz. glass of juice having an average of  35 grams of sugar, it's better, and cheaper, to stick with real fruit.

Granola/Trail mix

Ever have a child pick the cashews and chocolate chips out of trail mix, or get super hyper after a small dose of granola?  It's not the fat and calories, its the chemicals and sugar.  With gobs of modified sugar that may shock you, and tons of salt, this may not be the best for energizing hikes or stay-at-home snacks.  A better choice would be plain, unsalted nuts, and a small serving of dried berries or fruit.

Energy Drinks/Meal replacement drinks

Do I even need to go over this?  Energy drinks are either a blood sugar spiker with a huge energy crash down in an hour or less.  I have yet to see a meal replacement drink or bar that is completely balanced.  A meal should have enough fat, fiber, calories, and protein to last you comfortably to your next meal, and low, or no sugar.  Chemicals, sugar, and low-calories are just setting you up for a yo-yo effect later. 

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Courageous - movie trailer

Why Courageous? 
From Sherwood Pictures, the makers of "Facing the Giants" and more.

Behind the movie

Friday, August 12, 2011

Learning how to feel again

I like to see and know and understand.  And I like to feel... with my hands and brain, but not my emotions.  Not many people would guess it.  I seem fairly normal.  But then again, who is? 
This is America, people!  We get our fix and we're good to go.  We laugh, we cry, we live, we die.  But it's all good... right?  Whatever we feel in our heart is just fine... right?  And... feeling is good, right?
When I was a youngster - a tween, some would say - I rode the emotional roller coaster, like so many other American girls my age.  All I needed was a good wash of endorphins over my sensitive brain, and I was the happiest woman alive.  But if not, I was in the depths of despair.  I fed myself lies to keep me up... or down... to produce the behavior I thought I needed to have.  To say the least, I exhausted myself.  I thought worshiping God was being successful in conjuring up adequate feelings of love-for-God and more hatred-for-self.  Yeah.  Emotions ruled me.
  Then... that happened.  About 2 to 3 years ago.  You probably don't know what "that" is.  That's OK.  You probably wouldn't want to know.  I was in pain.  Uncharted.  And not necessarily physical.  It was too much.  It never stopped.  So I came up with a solution.  I wouldn't feel it anymore.  Simple?  Maybe not.
You see, for a very long time, everything I experienced was negative.  All my emotions were negative.  All my emotions were influenced by the negative.  Because that's all I knew.  Everything was negative.
It's something that happens when the trauma is too hard for the human mind to bear.  The brain stops caring, stops feeling, and goes into "survival mode".  It is very real.  And it is completely alone.  To be in "survival mode" is to be fighting against everything.  Fighting life; fighting death.  Fighting good; fighting evil.  It doesn't work so well.  But when there is nothing else to handle it, that's what happens.  And it happened to me.  I wrote in my journal at that time, "Emotionally, I am no more.  It is gone, I have killed it."  My own words.  I had a fascination with nothingness.  I loved it, because it wasn't there, when everything that was there for me seamed, or was, negative.  By puting all feeling out of myself, I removed the "bad" emotions, but also banned all good emotions.  My strong mentality was, "All emotion is evil.  It is a trap for those foolish enough to take refuge in it."  I wasn't ready to be a "fool" again.
Even after "that" happened, and became part of my hazy history, almost impossible to remember, and a gaping pit in my mind, I still subconsciously thought that way.  When I would sense myself having too much fun, I would shut down.  Nothingness.  I liked it.  I was rational, and I was in control.  So I thought.
But God used that "rationality" to get me somewhere.  I realized that just because I didn't feel anything, didn't mean that I didn't inflict feeling upon other people.  Whether I did anything or not, I was still alive and being and breathing, and had my place in this world.  And exactly where God had placed me.  "So," thought I, "I can just act the way I should and then everything will be alright.  I still don't have to feel anything."  I was wrong.  I went on a quest to know God.  And I remembered something.  God feels things.  Genesis 6:6 says God feels pain. 
"Good for Him," I thought.  But that wasn't a good enough explanation for me, and I knew it.  I started to learn that God wants us to feel.

If I loved God as much as I wanted to love Him, then I would be willing to let Him make me feel what He wants me to feel.  Even if it seems to break my heart.  It was a matter of trust and submission for me.  I had to let go of my control.

I'm still learning.  But the good news is that I have a good teacher. The Best of the best, actually.  The King of kings and LORD of lords to be exact.
  The fact is, its scary not being in control.  It's scary feeling deep emotions when your used to having an almost non-existent emotional-system.
I know that the best place to be is where God wants me, and I truly do want to be where He wants me. More than anything else actually.  But I have to stop, put my feelings aside, and trust Him fully.
  In the last few days, I've been feeling more deeply.  To be honest, I don't really like it.  It's extremely uncomfortable.

Whereas I felt I was strong and unmovable by being outside of the realm of emotion, I was weak by leaning on my own faulty reaction to something I was too weak to handle.  I can't make another mistake by not letting God have all of my life.

So instead of being mildly moved by surface feelings, or going along with whatever is at the moment, or being cynical, wry, and detached, I'll feel what God wants me to feel.  And, dare I say it, let Him break my heart for what breaks His.  It won't be easy.  It isn't easy.  But with God, all things are possible.  I'm ready to start living freely and victoriously and fully.  With full passion, full devotion.  Having given full access to my heart of hearts to the Healer of hearts.

Gen 6:6 - God feels pain
Job 6:25 - honesty hurts sometimes!
Job 16:6 - sometimes pain isn't our own fault
Psalm 69:29 - God's salvation protects us
Jeremiah prophesies pain
John 16:21 - our pain is forgotten when we remember the joy to come
Hebrews 12:11 - discipline is good, but painful
Rev 21:4 - Someday, God will take all pain away.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

10 days of modest IV

 Cute 'n Casual outfit

The bright contrasting color
of lime green with the purple
rainbow plaid top is perfect.
The girly "ruffle" look goes
well with the ruffled sleeves
on the plaid top.



A casual-fitting bright
pastel plaid top is just
right for summer with
it's ruffled sleeves and
square neck with
simple embroidery.

The bright contrasting color
of lime green with the purple
rainbow plaid top is perfect.
The girly "ruffle" look goes
well with the ruffled sleeves
on the plaid top.

Wear purple earrings and bracelet to add that perfect addition.  A funky pony tail or the messy summer curls.

My computer isnt working right, so whatever I post, one of the picutes is left out.  This time it's the kacki pants.  Hopefully it'll work soon.

Dance your shoes off - MUST WATCH

Rise up and proclaim Christ!

Or, watch on YouTube

1 Corinthians 15:17
"And if Christ has not been raised, your faith is futile; you are still in your sins."

1 Corinthians 15:19-20a
"If only for this life we have hope in Christ, we are of all people most to be pitied.  But Christ has indeed been raised from the dead..."

Who am I?

Psalm 139:7

"Where can I go from your Spirit? Where can I flee from your presence?"

A love poem to my Savior-

Where can I hide from Your Being, O LORD; where could I leave Your sight.  You are my Rock and Redeemer; my Upholder within and out.  You hath begun a good work in me from before the earth's foundations were laid out, and from then on it has not ceased.  Your Hand weaves inside me and Your Spirit penetrates my body and soul.  All is as light to You.  All is bare before You.
You are awesome, and I praise You.  You have revealed Your character to me, and I thank You.  I worship You for You are worthy indeed, and none other.
If I were strong, might I gather the mountains in one place to show You my un-ended devotion.
If I were graceful, I would dance for joy before You with every sunrise.
If I were powerful, I would point all nations to Your great Name.
If I were a poet, every word uttered would be sweet unto Thine ear.
If a skilled architect, shouldst I build up Your churches and pave highways to them to make a high place for Your glory.
If a great speaker, I could stand at every street corner and proclaim Your marvellous wonders.
As a useless sinner, I shall lay prostrate at Your holy feet, and receive every mercy for this undeserved life.  For that is what I am.  Disgraced by mine own heart.  Nothing of value to The Almighty, and no pleasant sight to claim as my own.  But as Your re-created child, I have Your strength shining through my weakness.  I have been given Your abundant grace, and your mercies are new with each morning's sun. How great my joy!
The power of this world cannot compare to what You have displayed in one forgiven soul.
Your Word is a poem that I may read, and know, and speak.
Your Church is built in me, and with You I can build up the other members.
If I speak, Your Spirit speaks truth and beauty through me. 
I am no longer a useless sinner.  I am now a co-heir with the Son of Jehovah.  Bow before the Living God!