Wednesday, August 17, 2011

B is for Bad plan

A really bad plan

  "Pregnancy is not a disease, and children are not a "health problem" -- they are the next generation of Americans"
- Cardinal Daniel N. Dinardo

Mr. Dinardo says it right. The Bible says it better in Exodus 20:13, Deuteronomy 5:17, 1 John 3:12, James 5:6, 2 Samuel 16:8, and James 2:11. True care for the people of America does not mean providing them with murderous medication through their insurance without a co-pay and no required parental knowledge of this "plan-B" usage.  Mandated by HHS.

The Facts:

First of all, God's law and America's states that murder is evil and illegal.  (It's good to look at both laws sometimes, for some will only listen to the one or other).
Before it was a well-known fact to the general public that undeniably, science proves abortion at any time in any form in any stage actually did kill a real human being, people put it off as some religious fanatic thing that abortion was wrong.
Now no doctor, nurse, scientist nor any person educated in the subject at all can honesty say that abortion is not murder.
Why is abortion (aka murder), then, not illegal???

What is Plan-B?

Plan- B is the "night-after" pill for "unprotected" sex. 
The Bible tells that life begins at conception, and now science is finally catching up, and proving it for those who want to wait for mankind to prove It correct and fully reliable in all areas.
Plan-B dislodges the living-human embryo from the uterus and flushes it out.  Cutting it off from all nurture and thus killing it.  Or, should I say, him or her.  It's a murder pill, available in prescription at Wal-mart with no co-pay.  Convenient murder, huh?

Plan-B is a bad plan!

There is forgiveness from the
God who really, truly loves
you so much He gave up Him-
self to death for you.

The good news? Forgiveness!  God forgives the sinners and gives them grace because of His Son Jesus' redeeming blood.  The adulterer, the one who has perhaps used a Plan-B or gone to an abortion clinic, can still find forgiveness.  Leaving their sinful ways with God's Almighty help, and using His strength to deal with the consequences of the life without Him.  God loves you so much, He wants for you to to make Him your #1-and-only-plan.  Because with Him there is absolutely no need for another  plan.  No Plan-B is necessary.

Luke 23:25 says that the night that Jesus was so brutally killed, he took the place of a murderer, and set him free as He, an innocent man, was murdered.  Thousands of years before God showed His face in this world through Jesus, He ordered King David, the man after His own heart, build a  city as refuge as described in Numbers 35:25 &28 as a stronghold against those wishing revenge against murderers.  As long as the high priest lived, they could not leave, or they could legally be avenged by the peoples.  The High Priest was the judge - the one who would condemn the sinner - and he was also the mediator between God and the people.  Interestingly enough, Jesus is the creator of the law (the judge of right and wrong), and also the mediator between God and all people on earth.  When He died on the cross, he took our punishment on Himself, as a completely innocent man, and because of what He did, our wrongdoings can be taken away, and because of Him, our mediator, we can be made right with God.  Our sins taken away.  Now that is how much He loves us!
To see what real forgiveness looks like, click on this link and read all about it.  God is waiting to hear from you!

Now take a look at what our plans are in light of God's eternity:
Proverbs 19:21
Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the LORD’s purpose that prevails.

A few music videos of songs that illustrate well this post.  Watch both!

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