Friday, August 26, 2011

Is "high" fat hazerdous to health?!!

You may have heard - fish oil is good for you - wait... no its not.  What about olive oil and coconut oil, that's great - oh yeah, not that either.  You should eat less grains - actually no eat more.  What is there to believe?!
For evidence and logic based examination of the facts, checkout this expert from "Mark's daily apple", and click on this link to check out the whole article.

"...When fear-inducing news headlines hit the papers (and airwaves and iPads…) -  High-Fat Diet Linked to Breast Cancer, Eating Whole Grains Will Help You Live Longer, Fish Oil Linked to Prostate Cancer..."

What do you think?

Mark's Daily Apple - primal living in a modern world , is a wonderful resource in today's conflicting health reports.  I would not recommend my blog readers to trust all, as his primary reason for his belief that man evolved over a long period of time, and that we have evolved into an ignorant generation, and going back to the way of eating and living a million years or so ago would be best.  I believe that God created food on this earth for our benefit, and we should eat it as-is, and not genetically modified, boiled-down, mass-produced, stripped down, and "second-hand".  Keep this in mind while gleaning from Mark's wealth of information he is so kind to provide.

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