Thursday, August 25, 2011

Song by me - Story of the World

No matter what one believes, the story of the world comes down to them: What will they do about it? I wanted to write a song that looks at the big picture, but still truthfully relates to them in a very personal one-on-one-with-Jesus sort of way. I hope you enjoy this (long) song.

Story of the world by Valary-Mac

Verse I:
Nearly the end of the concert
and I can tell your getting bored
Perhaps I can bring you back in
with the story of the world
Now, I'm sure, that you've heard
lots of crazy tales
Of how amazing human beings
came by evolving out of whales
But, you, know, I just think
I have found something better-
With the Bible's version here

In the beginning there was God as He is
and always will be
But the devil took us captive by our
own selfish plea
God, in His holiness, said there
must be a way
To redeem our children back
or they must be done away...
And now it comes to you
In the story of the world

Verse II:
God was complete in Himself
before time and matter
His Spirit was hovering
over formless water
Though He never needed anything
beyond His own Trinity
He formed you in His mind
And He planned us out lovingly
Before anything existed He mapped out-
The story of the world


Verse III:
1,2,3,4,5,6 days
He took
Making all we needed in that
perfect garden nook
But though everything was lovely
and God communed with them
Adam and his dear wife Eve
disobeyed and were condemned
They were separated from Him but not His love-
And knew the promised One would come

Many years went by
But men could not reach the light
There were sacrifices made
But perfect blood was needed if
the price was to be paid

Verse IV:
All you young girls
imagine this
Going about your household chores
an angel pays a visit
He says "You have pleased the LORD,
and though you are a virgin,
You will bear God's Son who, in turn
will bear the whole world's burden".
"Oh LORD how can this be?"
Oh, Father please use me!


For days, and months, and years, then 5,
then 10, to 1,000, times 4 will be just
fine - since the beginning of the world
and God picked Mary out of time

Verse V:
Jesus was not born in a palace
and He did not wear a crown
He was despised, rejected hated
and His own friends let Him down
Though He never sinned and told
of His Father's way
No one seemed to understand
that He would be the lamb to slay

He was beat, and scorned
and flogged, and torn
And all for love
With blood adorned-
He carried His cross to the place of the scull
And there He was punished for the sins of all

Verse VI:
He was pierced in His side and
fulfilled all the prophesy
And all I must do is
believe what He's done for me
But the story ain't over
where the dead Jesus lay
Three days in Hades
then to life Jesus came!
You have a choice now
what will you choose?

Chorus II:
In the beginning there was God as He is
and always will be
And we are no longer captives
if we only believe
So here it comes to you
There is something you must choose
You can accept or reject
Jesus paying for you dept
And not this concludes so far...
The story of the world!

(very ending:)
For days, and months, and years, then 5
then 10, to 1,000, times 6, will be just
fine - since the beginning of this story -
still God picked you out of time

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