Monday, August 15, 2011

Suprising junk foods

The Veggie Burger

The 80's fad has effected us for a long time.  The modified vegetable products, low-fat, and vegetarianism are not as great as they once sounded.  Veggie burgers are most often lacking in protein, and higher in crabs from genetically engineered soy, corn, and grains, as well as highly processed vegetable oil containing trans-fats never intended for consumption.  More and more people are being found deficient in balanced amino acids, iron, and healthy protein, which real meat provides.


Usually low fat and extremely high in sugar from chemicalized beats, sugar-cane and corn syrup.  And most often artificially flavored, or fruit-on-the-bottom is more like pie filling.  There is nothing to balance the blood sugar spike, so your healthy little snack turns into a sugar rush.  Plus, not much of the calcium is actually available to be absorbed into the body.  The "light" yogurt still contains sugar, and is chock full of chemicals and sucrolose.

Dried Fruit/Juice

Though it is true that dried fruits and berries are a more concentrated source of vitamins and minerals than fresh, it is also up to 10x higher in sugar.  And if it's not organic, it can also contain up to 10x more chemicals, and minimal minerals.
When you get fruit juice, make sure it's absolutely, positively 100% juice.  Nothing more than ascorbic acid should come along with it.  With a mere 8 oz. glass of juice having an average of  35 grams of sugar, it's better, and cheaper, to stick with real fruit.

Granola/Trail mix

Ever have a child pick the cashews and chocolate chips out of trail mix, or get super hyper after a small dose of granola?  It's not the fat and calories, its the chemicals and sugar.  With gobs of modified sugar that may shock you, and tons of salt, this may not be the best for energizing hikes or stay-at-home snacks.  A better choice would be plain, unsalted nuts, and a small serving of dried berries or fruit.

Energy Drinks/Meal replacement drinks

Do I even need to go over this?  Energy drinks are either a blood sugar spiker with a huge energy crash down in an hour or less.  I have yet to see a meal replacement drink or bar that is completely balanced.  A meal should have enough fat, fiber, calories, and protein to last you comfortably to your next meal, and low, or no sugar.  Chemicals, sugar, and low-calories are just setting you up for a yo-yo effect later. 

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