Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Who am I?

Psalm 139:7

"Where can I go from your Spirit? Where can I flee from your presence?"

A love poem to my Savior-

Where can I hide from Your Being, O LORD; where could I leave Your sight.  You are my Rock and Redeemer; my Upholder within and out.  You hath begun a good work in me from before the earth's foundations were laid out, and from then on it has not ceased.  Your Hand weaves inside me and Your Spirit penetrates my body and soul.  All is as light to You.  All is bare before You.
You are awesome, and I praise You.  You have revealed Your character to me, and I thank You.  I worship You for You are worthy indeed, and none other.
If I were strong, might I gather the mountains in one place to show You my un-ended devotion.
If I were graceful, I would dance for joy before You with every sunrise.
If I were powerful, I would point all nations to Your great Name.
If I were a poet, every word uttered would be sweet unto Thine ear.
If a skilled architect, shouldst I build up Your churches and pave highways to them to make a high place for Your glory.
If a great speaker, I could stand at every street corner and proclaim Your marvellous wonders.
As a useless sinner, I shall lay prostrate at Your holy feet, and receive every mercy for this undeserved life.  For that is what I am.  Disgraced by mine own heart.  Nothing of value to The Almighty, and no pleasant sight to claim as my own.  But as Your re-created child, I have Your strength shining through my weakness.  I have been given Your abundant grace, and your mercies are new with each morning's sun. How great my joy!
The power of this world cannot compare to what You have displayed in one forgiven soul.
Your Word is a poem that I may read, and know, and speak.
Your Church is built in me, and with You I can build up the other members.
If I speak, Your Spirit speaks truth and beauty through me. 
I am no longer a useless sinner.  I am now a co-heir with the Son of Jehovah.  Bow before the Living God!

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