Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wild, relentless Love

Ever wonder if God really loves you?  Ever wonder how much?  If He is more furry than affection?  Why did He make you?  Does God even understand overwhelming passion and wild love?  What cannot be said in words is often made into song... listen to these.

O, how He loves - DavidCrowderBand

We are His portion and we are His prize.  How amazing!!!
Nothing on earth can compare to this love.  Who other deserves our love first?  There is none. 
I challenge you to read your Bible and pray, and just see if you cannot fall desperately in love with Him.

Won't turn back - Needtobreathe

You can start to feel the crazy love portrayed in this song.  I cannot help but think that Jesus may have had the same thoughts as the sailor and soldier in this song.  When He was on the cross in uncharted and unprecedented pain and anguish and torture, can you imagine Him suffering the words from His bloody lips "I won't turn back!  All I can hear is the cry of my loved ones!  I cannot turn back!"

Let us love - Needtobreathe

Detect the utter joy and freedom in this song?  This joy and freedom is ours!!!  What more could we ask for with a God who loves you this much and more!

If you have ever been a father,
you may be able to somewhat
grasp the passionate protect-
ion God has for us in all His
grand power and furry.

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