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The woman I aspire to be - Part 1

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A woman of God
The first few verses in Proverbs 31 talk about who that woman is, and the next several speak of what she does.  Then the next ones on what her reward is, then lastly why.

Remember!  Relationships here on earth are not meant to simply "fulfil" our own desires, but to point us to the One who actually can.  Who we were made by and for.
Marriage is meant only as a beautiful picture of our marriage with Christ, when we become one with Him in holiness.  Keep in mind that importance when looking at the woman I so aspire to be, and perhaps you do too.

Proverbs 31:10-14

vs 10a   "A wife of nobel character, who can find?..."

  Nobel -- of royal lineage.  I am a precious daughter of the King of kings.  I pray my character is as such!
A wise woman I deeply respect, and the wife of a former pastor, once slipped a little note/poem in our family "mailbox" at church.  It read:
"A woman's heart should be so hidden in Christ that a man would have to seek Him in order to find her."
I wish so much to be hidden in Christ and sooo in love with Him that any other would have to do the same to discover me. 

vs 10b   "...She is worth far more than rubies."

  My identity is in Christ, and that is why I am valuable.  I find my value in no one else, and no thing else.  That is who I am!

vs 11a   "Her husband has full confidence in her..."

  I must start building up that complete honesty and integrity right now!  Can other people find full confidence in me?  In another sense, this also refers to "telling all".  No secrets from the hubby!  She has nothing to hide.

vs 11b   "...and lacks nothing of value."

  Do I have all means of value to give to him?  I know that for this I must not rely on my own strength and resources.  I, in myself, have extremely little of value to give.  But in Christ, I am so rich!   That is the value I will give to others.  I must acquire that value now, including selflessness now so that I can give all good things to others.

vs 12   "She brings him good, not harm, all the days of her life."

  All the days of my life doesn't begin when I get married, or even in a dating relationship.  It begins the day I am born.  The best way to do your husband good all the days of your life is to faithfully serve God from the beginning.  Even if your body is physically pure for your groom, its the thoughts of the mind that can really get us in that way, isn't it?!  I just say-
"If my mind is centered on God all the time (Philippians 4:8 and Romans 13:14), when in the world would I have time to fantasies about boys?!" 
[Also see "Thinking of him - the heart of the matter"]

vs 13   "She selects wool and flax, and works with eager hands."

  Wool and flax are of which the fibers come to make clothing.  She makes clothing for her family!  I only learned to sew a short time ago, but I'm learning more and more just by myself, in my aspiration to be able to save money for my family, and provide them with what they need.

vs 14   "She is like a merchant ship, bringing in food from afar."

  I'll be using this great example from my dear Proverbs 31 mother.
Before an Aldi came to our town, which is probably the least-expensive place to buy food, once monthly she would make out a nourishing menu and food plan.  For the whole next month.  Many meals, if not most, she would make from scratch, so it took extra planning.  Then with her carefully critiqued list she would drive the long way, calculating gas millage - weighting the pros and cons - and load up the shopping carts.  Now that is quite a merchant ship!  Thanks mom!

A little note:  Even if I never get married, I shall still be content.  I do believe that God has given me the gifts to be a wife and mother, but whatever He has in mind is what I want.  All of these qualities I have listed so far would do me well and bring glory to God.  Even if I never married.  Such qualities as integrity, hospitality, purity, good work ethic, and so many more, are all bright lights in a dark world that shine for God's glorification.

Go over these for a while and pray about them.  Then comment if you wish.  I'll be going over all of Proverbs 31, so stay tuned.
To be continued...

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