Sunday, September 4, 2011

10 days of modest - V

I just realized that I had skipped the fifth day of a modest outfit.  I went from four to six.  So I'm making amends. :)

- 10 days of modest - The Preppy "Homeschooler" -

This bright, attractive shirt
from American Eagle says
it all.  "The world is pretty
amazing"!  This is a color
that every girl should try
to have in her closet!!!
Denim skirts are not just for
homeschoolers!  Just make sure
they fit you comfortably,
(Denim is tricky that way,) and
this can be an outfit staple.
For this outfit, go for a light,
washed-out jean material with
cute designs on the pockets.

Strappy, preppy shoes with
a cute, slightly athletic flair.
White and soft lime green are
a must for this school-girl look.

It's quite hard to find
cute denim skirts that
are long enough,
without going to
your feet. Try some
black leggings just
past your knees!

Big, chic bows in bright colors
tie the look all together.  A small-
ish purse is probably best for
this look.

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