Thursday, September 1, 2011

Beautifully modest wedding dresses

The long-sleeved
"jacket" look -
regular plain white
dress with a vin-
tage lace covering
is something that
really gets me!
 I have this thing for vintage lace, and what could be better than modifying those huge, stunning grandma wedding gowns while keeping that charming part?

The high front is great, while
the back is beautiful and
nearly sheer netting in the
back, which can be a little
The three roses in back that
start the modest, edged

The "head covering"
feel gives such a
beautiful look to the
chaste, blushing bride.
Also, it has a touch
of the classic 20's.

Some vintage lace dresses
are a strait-jacket.  Not
this one!  It has the full-
skirt and the princess
lace sleeves, along with
the the past-knee length
is simply a beautiful
blend.  A 50's look.

This one screams
"classic"!  The three-
quarter sleeves;
"wrapped up" look;
butter cream color;
the string of pearls;
simple french twist,
and bouquet of ruby
red roses.

I have always liked
stylish but really
unique things.
With everything
"in" right now,
this wedding dress
is A-1.  An
apron effect of
vintage lace and
the bunched
bright-white toil

Another slightly 20's
look.  A flower-lace
pattern, with a simple
string of pearls, with
what looks like a
belted fine crocheted
shrug.  Also a more
casual, but stunning

A bit more modern, but beautiful and tasteful wedding dresses, and with sleeves!

What happened to the
simple beauty of a chaste
bride?!  A little off-the-
should, but a good neck-
line, and three-quarter
sleeves with a classic
veil and bouquet.

Another "all wrapped up"
look, with a comfortable,
liberated look.  A simple,
yet elegant look with a
moderate train, and a
bright-white that is un-
like the vintage lace
dresses I seem to be so
fond of

Unorthodox dresses with a touch of colorful design!  They don't always have to be white!

This deep wine red
really pops with the
bright-white dress!
It's a bit low, but it
would be easy to fix
that.  I like that it
has straps wider
than dental floss.

Stunning at a winter wed-
ding!  Just a touch of
design at the bottom of a
flawless skirt.  The deep
satiny forest green sets
it off.  I like the back,
but I guess I don't know
what the front is like. :)

I would prefer if this one
had straps, but it's fairly
modest considering it has
none.  This is one of my

Usually the bright-
white is what makes
the color design really
pop, but with a subtle
shade of tan on the
beautiful layered gown
really makes it.  I like
the wide neck and the
built in shawl - very

Wedding "Headgear" can perfectly bring out the best parts of a dress - and the bride - or take it all down.

Can be used as a 20's "Indian band"
or as a lace tiara.  The "peasant
princess" look is beautiful

A simply gorgeous look with
flowers in place of a veil.  A
"Veil minimalistic" take can be
a big hit.

The Greek crown of wisdom,
redone in wedding diamonds.
I love it!

A veil can also be a
train.  The crocheted
flowers in the fine,
one-layer netting
adds a bit of nature's
simplicity - just
redone a little bit.

A headband instead of a veil?!
Of corse!  This one has a shim-
mering lily.

So I didn't go all crazy with the Kate
Middleton wedding, but I do like her
look.  A real Dutches!  An "Indian
headband" with a veil over top.

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