Thursday, September 15, 2011

BIG painting project

Three, 4'x6' sanded pine ply-wood boards, all needing to be done and painted in a week, by Valary-Mac.
The murals/signs are for a parade in a town near us.  Our church is setting up a ministry tent there.  Apparently somebody said I was "artistic", and they believed them, and asked me if would do the artwork.  I said I would.  After all, how hard could it be?  :D

These are the original samples done up on the computer.  But things are never the same after they go through my fingers.  Besides the need for them to be on a completely different angle.  There were many changes to make before a conclusion.

Click image to enlarge.

I didn't have all the fruits of the
Spirit on my very first draft, either.

Heart make-over
  Here are two of them in our basement atop sawhorses, right after using smelly, oil-based, unwash-out-able, primer.

Most of the paint on my apron was from the primer.  That was nasty stuff!

I didn't think before donning my
good kitchen apron for painting.

Definitely splattered.
My plan, after the primer was dry, was to apply a base coat of a color.  The colors I chose were blue, purple, and grey. Then a slightly lighter shade of that color over top with a handy-dandy roller to create a scratched, distressed, modern look over top.  This gives depth and character.


Then add some outlines and colors.

The beginning of fruits of the Spirit,
or "Character Qualities".

The question here is "If you had a
personal trainer or plastic surgeon,
what would you change first?"

More pictures as I progress.

"Heart makeover"  What would you
choose to loose.  My favorite part
was painting the hands making a
heart over her chest.  And the Afro.
I love 'em.  I've always wanted one.

You know you've always wanted
green eyes, haven't you? :)

Juicy grapes.  Later on I added more
definition, because the light
purples really blend in with the light

Then penciling the words.  This was non-creative and monotonous. Then painting those words in.  Then at least they were easier to see, and it was fun choosing the colors.  Then outlining the light-colored letters with black Sharpies.  I had help for that part.

This is probably really hard to see.
But it was for us too, so its fair.

Part of the word "choose".
I had a wonderful friend come over
for probably four hours and just do
lettering. Painting them in, and out-
lining them. (She's awesome!)

Finishing touches.

I forgot to rotate this one so you
can see it better, and the shadows
from our tree aren't helping any
either, are they. :)

Lining them up side by side on our
driveway.  I'm so excited!
See how the green vine turns into
a black vine when held next to the
purple board?

Washing out my brushes.

Soon, the boards will be hinged together, and will be displayed, along with the irresistible lure of free water bottles, and plenty of tracts, for tomorrow.

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