Tuesday, September 6, 2011

First day of school

Well, today is my first official day of school.  I'm homeschooled, so we started up after Labor Day, as we had labor to do before school started.  ;)
Back to school doesn't mean the exact same thing it does for most of my public-school-going friends.  A new wardrobe and backpack isn't on our list.  Panic attacks triggered by memories of last year's bullies isn't an issue.  Long hours of homework at night, and noisy rides on the school bus isn't part of our agenda, but reading the Bible, taking objective science, practical math, professional art, and the likes, are.  We aren't so weird, are we? ;)
And no, we are not homeschooled snobs. :)
What do you like about homeschool, the public school, or private school you attend?  Whats you favorite subject?  (Personally I can't choose a favorite. I love them all!)
If your able to read this you have either gone to school, or are going, so you must have lots of fun stories, and exciting things your learning.

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