Sunday, September 25, 2011

Home Style yays or nays

Looking at practical, flattering decor.

Looking through home improvement magazines at doctor's offices, or waiting to find something to do, I've seen a lot of decor' ideas that cost fortunes, and seem to have simply added more controversy and, well, ugliness than before.  Lets look at some of those.
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The "minimalist" look


This look focuses on simplicity and abstract lines.
This approach to that particular style is a good
one... if you don't own anything. What does this
desk have? A phone, a computer, a book or two,
and some sort of light/ipod dock.  Anything else and
it would look cluttered and over piled.  How much do
you think that flimsy little desk looks like it could
hold, anyway?

Instead, you may want your stuff to not simply
be the decoration, but the containers you put
them in.  Simple shelves are a good idea.  Like
when did function go out of style?!  Some boxes
may be bright for decor, like most on the shelves
there, but not all. Look hard and notice the pale
little cases on the floor and elsewhere.  Also a
"flimsy looking something" cupboard can hide a
 OR this...

The Futuristic look
The "space-age", futuristic, metallic look
goes for wide open spaces with squat
furniture and dimensions that blend and
flow, with soft, swirling, illusional edges.
Unless you fancy yourself an astronaut,
I'd advise staying away from the cold,
non-company-friendly futuristic look.

If you are attracted to this sort of style,
please don't make your floor and walls
the same color! Try simple, modern
furniture, with that geometrical, soft
edge.  Go for contrast pleasing to the eye
and that may just pop out at you in a
soothing style.  Oh yea, and leave a few
things out - pots pans, or shopping bags,
so that it looks like earthlings live there. :)
 OR this...

"Wide open plains"
This look values definition and also a bit of a futuristic
flare.  Subtle contrasts, and most of it's depth left to
huge windows, high ceilings, and matte wall-panels.  I
can't imagine this takes much talent, and must be so droll!
Open floor plans are great, but not when you can get lost
in one  color.

OR this...
Make sure your ceiling is a light white or cream,
and the walls are not much darker.  White basic
furniture and accents are also in, but try at least
something a bit more creative.  Chair covers,
flowers, wood floors or a rug.  Stay away from
contrasting trim and window hangings.
 Wood finish and lighting

This really could be a great look, but wood
panelling just brings us all back too far into the
70s.  The arrangement is OK, and I like the large
windows, but aside from this being a very bare
kitchen, a "dull", or cool-toned wood finish
is very easy to get washed out, and without
 more signs of life can look nice, but
bare and cold.  Add mini trees, a few red and
orange vases with smooth edges, and lighten
things up.  Also, avoid making the furniture
out of the floor.  :)
 OR this...
A warm cherry gloss finish with shiny steal and
brass finishes, some black, and a light floor makes
this room seem a little bit small than it is, but is
much more inviting.  Notice the browns are a warm,
terra-cotta, and the walls are the same color as the
ceilings.  Warm tones, warm light.  Cool tones, cool
light, but make sure it has some popping hot

More fun things:

both these chairs look great!  But not in the
same house.  Some chair coverings and a paint
job can do so much!

Who says color on the floor is
limited to a rug?  If your home has
a funky tile design, go with it! Re-
flooring?  Consider something

Do you like clean, white walls, and
old-fashioned makeovers, but still
want a splash of color?  Sometimes
painting a wooden chair or even a
cabinet is the answer with a nice
wood floor or carpeting.

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