Friday, September 9, 2011

Pops is tops

I simply must say it. 
My dad is a pretty swell guy. 
I knew that all sorts of blogs would be going crazy on June 19th.  I decided to wait until an "unexpected" time to drop it.  So thanks dad!
Every since I was little, I would wait for dad to come home from work.  I would laugh until I couldn't breath, and then more, when he performed his "circus tricks" with us.  We would do flips, do the "airplane", wrestle around, and more.
I would always show him my new inventions, and creative crafts.  My attempts at sewing dresses and coats and socks for my many dozens of beanie babies were presented proudly.  And what about when math was tough?  Just wait for dad.  I was, and am, proud to have an algebra-wiz for a father.  Oh yes- the "long" hikes and special trips my sister and I would be so excited for.  Laying in bed, breathless, when he would spin his yarns of amazing new lands and ridiculous creatures woven through wonderful (completely improv, change-every-night,) plots of imagination.  I remember wanting so badly to shave my face, just like Daddy.  Helping him in the garage, and nodding in amazement as he explained what made a car go, though most of the time I didn't really understand.
And now that I'm nearly 17, I'm still proud of him.  Most teens see their parents as a hindrance.  My parents aren't, so I don't even think they are.
So, perhaps broadcastadly belated, Happy Fathers Day, and I love you, Pops!

-From your little girl
(who doesnt like pink :)

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