Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Valary-Mac's favorite bands


I really love music!
They are all christian bands, so they are "safe".  I also think it's safe to say that not every single song by one or more of these artists are my style.  I don't necessarily like all the songs a band has.  Sometimes only 3 or 4.  And sometimes I'll only like 1.  If you don't see a great band down there in my list, that doesn't mean I don't like any of their songs.  Plus I can't remember all of those great songs.  I'm sure I'll be tweaking this post for a while. :)
Here I have the name of the group, their genre, and one or two of my favorite songs by them.

  • Toby Mac (rock, alternative, hip/hop, rap) - Irene
  • ApologetiX (Parody band) - Look yourself, or Real life Savior
  • Super Chic[k] (hip/hop, rock) - We live
  • Skillet (rock, alternative, metal, rap) - Forgiven
  • Owl City (alternative, contemporary) - Hot air balloon, or fireflies
  • Needtobreath (folk, alternative) - Signature of Divine
  • Fireflight (rock, metal, alternative) - You decide
  • Lacrae - (rap, hip/hop) - Prayin' for you
  • Rapture Ruckus (rap, hip/hop, alternative, worship) - All things new
  • DavidCrowder Band (contemporary, worship, alternative) - Oh, Happiness
  • Philmont (contemporary, punk) - The difference
  • Steller Kart (contemporary, punk,) - Jesus loves you
  • Coffey Anderson (parody, worship, contemporary) - You are all I'm after, or Umbrella
  • Group1Crew (punk, rap, alternative, hip/hop) - Walking on the stars, or Forgive me
  • Press Play (punk, rap, hip/hop, contemporary, alternative) - NY2LA
  • Kutless (contemporary, worship) - Million faces
  • Probably one or two I'm just not thinking of right now. ;)

Coffey Anderson

David Crowder Band

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