Saturday, September 10, 2011

Workin' out

I've been getting my exercise... and it feels really good!  I feel discombobulated if I don't work out for a day or two.
Long, brisk walks, mowing the lawn, free-weights, muscle-endurance training, and simply working hard.  
No, I'm not big on the treadmill, I like being outside, but last night I jogged on the treadmill, not even out of breath, for close to two hours, while watching Lord of the Rings, The Fellowship of the Rings.
I had forgotten how good that movie is!
Personally, I like the first of the three movies best.  Maybe because Tolkien originally wrote The Fellowship of the Rings for children. :) Maybe because it endears you to the characters in their natural settings before most of the distressing darkness.  Perhaps it's simply because it has more humor and starts out lighthearted instead of sucking you in with suspense and despair.  Or perhaps it was simply the first one I watched, so I like that one best.  Maybe it's because most of it is Gollum-free.  That little skitsophrensic murderous creature who could almost be funny sometimes if he wasn't so... Gollum.
Obviously its rated PG-13 (how could true interpretation of Tolkien's works be so unreal as to be rated less?!), but I am glad it's a bit unrealistically unbloddy.  Sure, we see heads roll, plenty of "wounds", scratches, characters in pain, swords and spears put to use, spiritual agony, choreographed battles and are led to believe once that the four hobbit friends are being stabbed to death by ugly night-riders, but not much more than that black, tar-looking ork blood.
Add a bit of peril, an amazing story line, and you get one hum-dinger of a treadmill ride!
Get this - I could have gone for so much longer if the silly machine hadn't stopped on me!  Yup, it just stopped... and it was plugged in.  Oh, well.  :)

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