Sunday, October 9, 2011

10 days of modest - VII

A simple coggle neck sweater, not
too bulky, with a loose fabric belt
and three quarter sleeves to make
it a true fall-to-winter acett.
 Poppin' black and white

There aren't really any frills or
baubles in this outfit, so this hat
is perfect.  A soft charcoal news-
boy hat, wear at a slight angle,
with hair down, silky strait.

Plain yellow pumps with a modern
flair will make a perfect pop to a black
and white outfit, giving the "city
photographer" look.  Add a pattern
to your outfit to make it balanced.

I love this skirt!
Considering the rest of the outfit
is made up of solid colors, this is
the perfect modest touch-up. Classy
and sophisticated, this will add the
"business woman" to your look.

Just a simple black accessory, faceted,
so it does have a little glam, though
it's subtlety makes it the perfect match.

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