Monday, October 31, 2011

Horray for the modest maxi!

Long haired homeschoolers aren't the only ones to wear long skirts and dresses, though I give them (us :) lots of credit for starting out the style simply because it was beautiful, modest, and feminine, and not simply because it was in.
But now, if you are wondering what is hot off the press, and what is modest, let me introduce you to the maxi!  This term usually refers to maxi dresses, spaghetti strapped sun dresses going to ones feet, but can also mean long flowing skirts, and simply long, lose dresses.  So pretty!  Take a look.

Summer skirts and dresses

Since most maxi dresses have itty
bitty sleeves, if any at all, a simple
sweater can make it right in most
cases, and it looks great

The classic look goes modern and
chic. A summer blazer, braided belt,
strappy sandals, and silky smooth
hair with a faux-leather handbag

Broom skirts, or otherwise
known as crinkle skirts are
care free and so nice and
cool in the summer!
Jewelry can make or break the outfit.
Go for natural, multi-layered this year.

Try new colors and

Pretty dresses really can have

Floral in winter 

Missing the flowers and colors of
summer?  Floral isn't gone yet!
Try black or brown boots, tights,
and shirt, then a lighter colored jacket,
with a popping floral skirt.

A big natural belt and a wrap-around
scarf goes well with a floral maxi


Solid colors

The sweater with the skirt.  It's a
nice pair, and something your
bound to start seeing more of.

Never underestimate the power of
red in an outfit, but not too bright!
Try to stay away from just black
white and red.  Add one other
color to keep it real. 

The denim skirt

Revolutionizing the denim skirt.

They really don't have to be floor
length, but it's so pretty, I think.

Modest is cool

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