Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Just kick off your shoes!

It's all well and fine to look nice and dress up and look all prim and pretty, but who could live their life that way?  Who could be satisfied to continually indulge in the frivolities of man, or simply observe them forever?  Those people may have never known what it is to go to bed exhausted, and maybe having missed a streak of dirt behind their ear. Or perhaps never viewed such small a segment as our eyes have dominion of at night, untainted by city lights and smog.  All those stars! 
Have you ever just wanted to kick off your shoes, wear a simple shift, tie your hair back and go where few have been?  To jump from rock to rock, to swim in the rapids, to run for miles in a spring forest, forever discovering new places, things, and beauties.  To shake an apple tree, to stain your fingers with wild blueberries, to crack a walnut and roast it over an open fire.  Just laying in sunny fields of tall green grass, not even thinking about your tan line or sunburn, or if your legs are shaved, or how many creepy crawlies are just a'swimming in the hummus beneath you.  To spend a night under a simple shelter wrapped in evergreen branches reading ancient Scriptures until eyelids grow too weary and heart is too full.
Or if that's too much, just set aside a few hours to stretch out and write a line or two, to go around the block in your slippers, and make a meal out of scratch.
Or, really, just kick your shoes off!

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