Saturday, October 15, 2011

SYATP - we are part of this world!

It was a work day, a Wednesday, and I got up early.  Earlier than usual.  At 6am, in fact. 
(So that may not be that early, but I am a homeschooler, so it is to me ;)  I was getting up to go to school at 7.  Yes, school. 
This only happens once a year for us in our little, sleepy, historical town, and most people never know about it.  It's called See You At The Pole.  When Middle and High-Schoolers gather around their respective flag poles right outside their schools.  They form a circle, holding hands, and pray for themselves, their school, their nation, and their world.
And yes, it is legal.
This and last year my sister and I participated, even though we are "not belonging" to the public schools of America, and are schooled "at home".  This gathered some questions, and I do understand why, but I believe I could also expound on that.
We don't hate public schools, we know many public schoolers - and public-school teachers - very well and value their friendship, and we certainly care for our community and the children.  In fact, we are the community, and we are the children.
When I heard "But... your homeschooled, why are you praying at the school an hour before you have to be at work?!"
I can't help but think of Lord of the Rings, when Merry actually says something earth-shattering and profound.  The trees refuse to take part in the war because they simply don't take sides.  They say it is not their place in the world, to which Merry replies with much force "But you are part of this world!"
Yes - I am also part of this world.  Though it is not my home, for I have a much greater destination and citizenship, but it the same for many of our fellow-Christians in the schools.
And yes, there is corruption in the schools of America.  Just one of the reasons my parents chose to homeschool my sister and I, and why my sister and I agree that it is the best choice for our family.
I also have met homeschoolers who resigned from the public education plan more for the reason to escape all outside forces.  As Christians, we are not called to be righteous hermits.  Yes - christian fellowship is a gift from God for us to regularly partake it, but what good is it if it only fulfills our pleasure and encouragement?  This would be a strong diversion of God's plan, indeed.  God's Word was not meant for one or two, but for all mankind, and how will they hear it if not told?  And how will they be told if one is not sent to do so?  And who will go?
As a homeschooler, who has parents amazing and committed enough to school us, it would be a terrible irresponsibility of us - who have been given much - to not give much in return.  Our privilege gives us a responsibility.  If spent competing with our like-fellows, impressing and compounding knowledge and experience, but never used it to progress any other not in our little circle, we must truly re-evaluate our motives for our practice of education, or way of life, in the first place.  Plus, who wants to prove true the stereotype that homsechoolers are only socialized within themselves?  It is very rarely true, in extremity, but let us not simply look at the two opposites on the spectrum.  Let us also not ignore the complacent middle-ground of "happily excising", but not prolifically expounding.  When was anyone successful - in God's kingdom or the world's - who would not live as if they were not the only ones upon the earth.  There is where the difference of motive comes in to play.  One in the world's enterprise may use those others to their own benefit, whereas those truly living according to God's kingdom plan will empty themselves for the sake of their brothers and sisters here.

So, homeschooled or not, get out there.  Do something that matters in God's eyes, whether your into it or not.

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